A Diamond in the Desert: Bringing Major League Baseball to Las Vegas


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In this 90-minute documentary, we will explore the past, present, and future of Las Vegas as a Major League Baseball city. With the success of the Vegas Golden Knights as well as the Las Vegas Raiders, it is likely that future professional sports franchises will soon call Las Vegas their home. While it is likely that Las Vegas will be home to many different sporting teams in the future, the prospect of an MLB franchise calling Las Vegas their home exhibits the most challenges. What lies ahead for Las Vegas as a baseball town requires an investigation of the past. In a town once deemed unsuitable for professional sports because of sports betting, a culture of minor league teams and university athletics was the only home-town team dynamic available for residents to call their own. Now that Las Vegas has become America’s newest sporting destination, we look to the future to determine what steps and policy decisions need to be made to make Las Vegas an attractive location for MLB expansion. This documentary will consist of a mixture of historical footage from all of Las Vegas’s previous and current baseball endeavors as well as interviews with historians, experts, and baseball fans alike. The goal of this documentary is to inform about Vegas’ rich history of baseball involvement and provide evidence for why Las Vegas needs MLB and why MLB needs Las Vegas.


Las Vegas; Baseball; History; Documentary


Urban Studies and Planning

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Faculty Mentor: Rebecca DiVerniero, Ph.D.