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Pedestrian and pedal-cyclist fatalities continue to be a concern in Clark County. Road users who are cited for pedestrian violations are given opportunity to an educational resource by attending a 3-hour pedestrian safety class to void their violation points and fines. An interactive dashboard was created to display class participant demographics, analyses of pre-/post-tests, and geospatial mapping of citation locations. Researchers collected participant data from September 2017 to March 2019 (N=1,321) and used Microsoft Excel to create this visualization tool. The components of the dashboard include basic demographics and an analysis of change in pedestrian behavior knowledge using paired t-tests of pre-/post-test data. The geospatial map displays participant citation locations overlaid with the Nevada Department of Transportation’s crash data (fatal and critical injuries), bus stop locations, pedestrian signal types, and school flashers. Analyses of pre-/post-tests shows a significant increase in knowledge of pedestrian behavior after participating in the court class. The significance of behavior knowledge retention across different demographic groups indicates the overall efficacy of the class in educating road users on pedestrian safety. The geospatial map displays citation location overlaid with where pedestrians and pedal cyclists were injured and/or killed. Offering educational resources like pedestrian safety classes enhances knowledge for road users which can foster an effort to help reduce pedestrian fatalities in Clark County. Using resources like geospatial maps and interactive dashboards enables a new sharing platform that can help analyze the efficacy of injury prevention programs.

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Spring 2021




Traffic safety; Pedestrian safety; Interactive dashboard; Geospatial map


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Faculty Mentor: Laura K. Gryder, M.A.

PedSAFE Court Class Interactive Dashboard

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