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The gender pay gap has been a persistent issue within many professions, including academia. This study examines the gender wage gap within UNLV for the tenured and tenure-track faculty belonging to the College of Liberal Arts, College of Sciences, and the Lee Business School. This study controlled for variables such as department, rank, time, race, and administrative roles in the attempt to find the most accurate gender wage gap possible using 2018 salary data. This study not only examines the gender wage gap within UNLV, but also at UNR. This study compared the two institutions in order to detect whether having a female president and provost had any effect on gender pay discrimination in comparison to having a male president and provost. We also looked at the gender composition of administrators at both universities and found that a majority of these administrative roles are given to men- giving them a large boost in salary. Transparent Nevada salary data from 2018 was utilized to run regressions for both institutions. The regression analysis results showed a marginally significant gender wage gap for UNLV and a statistically significant gap for UNR. While the gender wage gap at UNLV showed smaller numbers compared to UNR, the presence of overlapping confidence intervals makes it invalid that UNLV has a smaller gender pay gap in comparison to UNR. In assessing gender wage gaps and the connection to female representation, future researchers should increase sample size and review salary data from more than one year.

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Spring 2021




Pay gap; Wages; Academia; Nevada


Inequality and Stratification | Work, Economy and Organizations

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Faculty Mentor: Djeto Assane, Ph.D.

Analyzing the Gender Pay Gap at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas