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Our group was interested in analyzing the high school public education system in the Clark County School District. As Las Vegas residents, it is important to know how the schools in our city are being affected, especially since many of us went to school here. It is also detrimental to know as it could potentially be the schools of our future children and generation. We took data from the 2017-2018 school year and decided to model the total index score of each high school based on four different variables. Chronic absenteeism is defined as the percentage of students in the school who missed 10% or more school days in the school years. Proficiency average refers to the percentage of the student body who are proficient in basic science, math, and English. CCR completion, or college career readiness completion is the percentage of students who completed a college and career readiness program. Lastly, the high school graduation rate 4-5 is the graduation rate of students from the high school after 4 or 5 school years attending it. We built a model and used STATA to create the descriptive statistics and eimpirical results. We also created scatterplots and bar charts to clearly see the relationships between the variables if there are any.

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High School Environment in the Clark County School District