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Teachers that are working in Nevada are experiencing problems with insufficient materials. The overall purpose of this study is to provide information about their struggles with materials in the Clark County School District. What are teachers' experiences with shortages of resources, and how does it impact their teaching strategies? Teachers' experiences are important to note. Their experiences matter in finding the problems they face is essential to aid them with suitable materials. Finding solutions to their needs will improve their teaching strategies and personal spending, but children will also get the proper materials they deserve. The selection was composed of three different teachers from three different schools within the Clark County School District. This study generates a qualitative understanding of teachers' experiences. Most teachers explained the different levels of frustration with the administration and the lack of resources they experienced. Analysis shows that this increases stress levels, personal spending, and teacher attrition. These methods and responses should help the administration improve the school system and express their employee's concerns to decision-makers to receive the proper and necessary resources. Certain limitations to this study are important to note, but the overall evidence proves that these problems negatively impact teachers' experiences.

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Fall 11-15-2021




Teachers' Experiences; Finance Struggle; Administrative Neglect; Increase of Stress; Teacher Attrition

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Faculty Mentor: Magdalena Martinez, Ph.D.

Teachers' Experience with Lack of Resources in Classrooms