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There have been more studies that have been conducted to learn about postpartum not only in mothers, but there have also been studies on postpartum in fathers. While little is known about PPD in men, even less is known about how African American fathers experience PPD and other mental health issues. Therefore this area of study is crucial especially as there haven’t been any studies focused on this population in PPD. In order for the stigma of postpartum depression in fathers to be normalized, there needs to be necessary education, prevention, screenings, and treatment for fathers especially those in racial groups that are underrepresented. Under the direction of Dr. Brandon Eddy and Dr. Jackson Lawrence, we seek to learn about the experience of postpartum depression in African American fathers. Using semi-structured virtual interviews, we are currently in the process of collecting data from the experiences of fathers by using purposive sampling and snowball sampling. After transcribing the interviews from the participants, coding will occur to find themes within the interviews.

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Fall 11-15-2021




Postpartum Depression; Fathers; African Americans; Mental Health; Postnatal

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Faculty Mentor: Brandon Eddy, Ph.D.


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The Experience of Postpartum Depression in African-American Fathers