Composite Immersion and Invariance-Based Adaptive Wing-Rock Motion Control

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This paper presents composite noncertainty-equivalence adaptive (NCEA) control systems for the control of wing rock motion. For the purpose of derivation of composite adaptive systems based on immersion and invariance theory, a simplified NCEA control system (termed CSI) is designed. Then three composite NCEA control systems are developed by modifying the update law of (CSI). The first composite NCEA control system (CSgI) is obtained by combining the immersion and invariance-based adaptation law with a parameter update law derived using a gradient algorithm. The second composite NCEA control system (CSgIs) is obtained by the composition of the adaptation law of CSgI with the classical parameter adaptation law-designed for the certainty-equivalence adaptive systems. The main advantage of inclusion of additional classical update rule is to cancel certain sign indefinite function, which appears in the derivative of Lyapunov function. The third composite NCEA system (CSIs)is obtained by combining the update law of CSI with the classical update rule. Based on the Lyapunov stability analysis, asymptotic stability of each composite noncertainty-equivalence adaptive control system is established. Interestingly, the trajectories of the composite systems-including gradient algorithm-based adaption law-converge to a smaller manifold. Simulation results are presented for NCEA as well as three composite control systems. It is seen that the immersion and invariance based noncertainty-equivalence composite adaptive systems-including gradient-based update law-achieve smoother monotonic convergence of the norm of the estimated parameter vector to certain constant value, and require smaller control magnitude for time varying trajectory control.


Wing rock motion; Ailerons; Aircraft models; Composite noncertainty-equivalence adaptive control system; Trajectory control


Aerospace Engineering | Engineering | Navigation, Guidance, Control and Dynamics



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