Nonlinear Robust Output Feedback Control of Submersibles Via Modeling Error Compensation

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This paper treats the design of a nonlinear robust dive-plane control system for multivariable submersibles equipped with bow and stern hydroplanes. It is assumed that the vehicle's parameters and the hydrodynamic coefficients are not known, and that disturbance forces due to the sea wave are acting on the vehicle. For the design, the depth and pitch angle are chosen as output variables. Using nonlinear input-output (pitch angle and depth) map inversion, a robust nonlinear output feedback control law for the trajectory control of the pitch angle and depth is derived. For synthesizing the robust inverse control law, the unknown functions and unmeasurable variables are estimated using a high-gain observer. It is shown that in the closed-loop system, the asymptotic tracking of the depth and pitch angle trajectories is accomplished. Simulation results are presented which show precise dive-plane maneuvers in spite of uncertainty in the system parameters and disturbance forces due to the sea waves.


Feedback control systems; Feedback linearization; High-gain observer; Hydroplanes; Nonlinear inversion; Robust output feedback control; Submarine control; Submarines (Ships) – Control systems; Submarines (Ships) — Hydrodynamics; Submersibles – Control systems


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