Adaptive Servoregulation of a Projectile Fin Using Piezoelectric Actuator

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This brief paper treats the question of adaptive control of a projectile fin using a piezoelectric actuator. The hollow projectile fin is rigid, within which a flexible cantilever beam with a piezoelectric active layer is mounted. The model of the fin-beam system includes the aerodynamic moment, which is a function of angle of attack of the projectile. The rotation angle of the fin is controlled by deforming the flexible beam, which is hinged at the tip of the rigid fin. An adaptive servoregulator is designed for the control of the fin angle using the fin angle and its derivative for feedback. Interestingly, the knowledge of the dimension and parameters of the system is not essential for the synthesis of the control law. In the closed-loop system, the fin angle asymptotically converges to the desired set point and the elastic modes converge to their equilibrium values. Computer simulation and laboratory test results are presented to show the performance of the controller.


Actuators; Adaptive control systems; Beams; Cantilevers; Closed loop systems; Flexible structures; Piezoelectric actuators; Piezoelectric devices; Projectiles; Servomechanisms


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