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This chapter, taking FIR filters as an example, presents the discussion on efficiency of different implementation methodologies of DSP algorithms targeting modern FPGA architectures. Nowadays, programmable technology provides the possibility to implement digital systems with the use of specialized embedded DSP blocks. However, this technology gives the designer the possibility to increase efficiency of designed systems by exploitation of parallelisms of implemented algorithms. Moreover, it is possible to apply special techniques, such as distributed arithmetic (DA). Since in this approach, general-purpose multipliers are replaced by combinational LUT blocks, it is possible to construct digital filters of very high performance. Additionally, application of the functional decomposition-based method to LUT blocks optimization, and mapping has been investigated. The chapter presents results of the comparison of various design approaches in these areas.


Computer algorithms; Field programmable gate arrays; Logic circuits; Pattern recognition systems; Signal processing--Digital techniques


Computer Engineering | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Electrical and Electronics | Power and Energy | Signal Processing | Systems and Communications


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