MBE Growth of Compound Semiconductors: Part II. Applications of the Stochastic Model

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Journal of Materials Research





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In this part of the work (Part II), two typical applications of the stochastic model to the MBE growth kinetic studies are presented. The applications are the MBE growth kinetics of a hypothetical compound semiconductor, ab, and diamond cubic alloy, ax. In this study, the effect of the surface diffusion process on the MBE growth kinetics is analyzed. In the case of the compound, ab, the results of the present stochastic model are compared with that of a Monte Carlo simulation study in the temperature range of 600–850 K. The results of the two studies agree qualitatively. Higher substrate temperatures result in higher growth rate and growth front smoothness due to higher surface diffusion. Beyond 800 K, the growth rate and the growth front smoothness become independent of temperature because of the saturation of the interlayer diffusion process. In the case of the alloy studies, the kinetics of a hypothetical diamond cubic alloy in which the thermodynamics favors phase separation, is studied in the temperature range of 573–898 K. Below 648 K, due to negligible surface diffusion, there is no clustering of the alloy, but the surface roughness is very large. In the intermediate temperature range of 573–798 K, with increasing temperature, the surface diffusion increases, resulting in more clustering and less surface roughness. Above 798 K, due to very high surface diffusion, complete phase separation of the alloy and a smooth surface result.


Alloys; Crystal growth; Molecular beam epitaxy; Surface roughness


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