Incorporation processes in MBE growth of ZnSe

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Absolute measurements of Zn and Se fluxes employed in MBE growth of ZnSe have been performed by using three different methods, the deposition of Zn or Se on cold substrates, the estimation by a crystal monitor, and the growth of ZnSe under the Zn or Se over-flux conditions. Based on the results of the flux measurements, the flux ratio was set at unity in the growth of (100) ZnSe at 320°C. Under this condition, the growth surface exhibits a (2 X 1) structure, and high sticking coefficients of Zn and Se were obtained. A model of incorporation processes of Zn and Se in MBE growth of (100) ZnSe is proposed.


Crystal growth; Molecular beam epitaxy; Surfaces; Zinc selenide

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