Electro-optical properties of all-oxide p-CuAlO2/n-ZnO: Al transparent heterojunction thin film diode fabricated on glass substrate

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We report on the fabrication of all transparent heterojunction thin film diodes of the form glass/n-ZnO: Al/p-CuAlO2 produced by a combinatorial chemical and physical technique and on a study of their electro-optical properties. The n-ZnO: Al layer was deposited by a sol-gel-dip-coating process whereas the p-CuAlO2 layer was deposited by direct current sputtering techniques. The diode structure, with a total thickness of 1100 nm showed around 60% transmittance in the visible region. The current-voltage characteristics of the device showed a rectifying nature, with a low turn-on voltage around 0.8 V, having a rectification ratio > 50 at ± 2 V. The low turn-on voltage and moderate visible transmittance of the transparent diode indicate its potential application in the field of “Transparent” or “Invisible Electronics”.


Coating processes; Magnetron sputtering; Transparent semiconductors; Voltage


Controls and Control Theory | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Electrical and Electronics | Signal Processing | Systems and Communications


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