Microprocessor-controlled Small-scale Vehicles for Experiments in Automated Highway Systems

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FLASH laboratory is a small scale (approximately 1/15th) instrumented model of the AHS system and is presently in development [1-8]. In this laboratory, small scale instrumented vehicles are used for experimentation. The laboratory is being developed so that it will have a modular and portable highway vehicle system which can be easily modified to suit various experimentation needs. This laboratory can be used to test the effects of various alternative methods for the different aspects of AHS on the system. FLASH laboratory is part of a four-block structure for the evaluation and design of various aspects of AHS. The four blocks are software [8], FLASH, Smart Highway (a two müe part of a six mile proposed road connecting Blacksburg to 1-81 in Virginia, which is dedicated to research in the area of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and deployment. The structure, as shown in Figure 1, has various feedforward and feedback connections showing the flexibility in the use of these blocks.


Flexible low-cost automated scaled highway laboratory; Intelligent transportation systems; Traffic engineering; Vehicle-infrastructure integration


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