The two-dimensional electrostatic field configuration for parallel plate dust particle guide including end effects

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Microdiameter dust particles in a viscous air medium are to be transported by a bi-planar arrangement of flat parallel plate electrodes. Sequential shifting of the static potentials on the electrodes is employed to guide the particles. The two dimensional configuration of these quasi-electrostatic fields in the semi-infinite guide composed of the parallel plate electrodes is theoretically and numerically examined. Loading effects of a two dimensional external rectangular cavity are incorporated in the theory. Numerical error resulting from the slow convergence properties of the series representing the fields near the boundaries of the guide is corrected. Field plots are presented and discussed in a qualitative manner for particle transport. The analytical fields are also compared with the fields obtained from employing the finite element method. Good agreement is shown.


Corona (Electricity); Dust--Electric properties; Fourier series; Laplace transformation


Electrical and Computer Engineering | Electrical and Electronics | Electromagnetics and Photonics | Electronic Devices and Semiconductor Manufacturing | Power and Energy | Signal Processing


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