Finger Movement Related Magnetoencephalography Signal Processing Based on Time Frequency Representation of Power

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Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument



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Time-frequency processing of brain electrical and magnetic signals can reveal a more detailed picture of cortical activities.To investigate brain activities associated with self-paced finger tapping task in temporal-frequency domain,time frequency representations of power(TFRs) are calculated for all the MEG channels and the results are presented as the powers at each frequency bin and each time bin of interest for each channel in the present work.A vis-ual software based on Visual Basic and Fieldtrip MATLAB toolbox was designed to process the MEG signal offline.A data set recorded in a trial test from an epileptic patient performing a self-paced tapping with right index finger was analyzed using this software.Contralateral central and parietal parts of the cortex as well as several ipsilateral channels in central area are remarkably activated.Brain activity components between 10 to 25 Hz are firstly suppressed in –0.5 to +0.3 second,and afterwards burst activity is displayed with a weaken period around 1 second.Most significant activa-tion could be observed from 0.4 to 0.7 second.More internal relations in time and frequency domains of cortical neural activity in motor control could be recognized from analyzing TFRs of more normal subjects’ experimental data sets.


Brain--Electric properties; Higher nervous activity; Magnetoencephalography; Motor cortex


Bioelectrical and Neuroengineering | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Engineering | Signal Processing




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