System dynamics and feedback control problem formulations for real time dynamic traffic routing

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This paper formulates the Dynamic Traffic Routing (DTR) problem as a real-time feedback control problem. Three different forms of the formulation are presented: 1. (1) distributed parameter system form derived from the conservation law; 2. (2) space discretized continuous lumped parameter form; 3. (3) space and time discretized lumped parameter form. These formulations can be considered as the starting points for development of feedback control laws for the different control problems stated in this paper. This paper presents the feedback control problems, and does not discuss in detail the methodology of solution techniques which could be used to solve these problems. However, for the sake of completeness a brief treatment of the three forms are included in this paper to show possible ways to design the controllers.


Discretization method; Distributed parameter system; Distributed system; Dynamical system; Feedback control systems; Feedback system; Real-time control; Real time system; Traffic engineering; Traffic flow; Traffic management


Applied Mathematics | Civil Engineering | Controls and Control Theory | Systems and Communications | Urban Studies and Planning


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P. Kachroo, K. Özbay, S. Kang, J.A. Burns System dynamics and feedback control problem formulations for real time dynamic traffic routing Mathematical and Computer Modelling, Volume 27, Issues 9–11, May–June 1998, Pages 27–49 http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0895-7177(98)00050-8

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