Reliable data transmission in mobile ad hoc sensor networks

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In this paper, we introduce a new routing scheme for mobile ad hoc sensor networks, which effectively transports the information from source to sink by curbing the energy requirements, both at node and system level. The proposed approach, termed as Reliable Multipath-Information Dissemination via Label Forwarding (RM-IDLF), is both resource awareness and data centric. We integrate the power economics by using the local information within a sensor cloud and coordinating with the neighbouring nodes to disseminate the information. The nodes carrying the information over the decentralised network use metadata descriptors in the form of 'label', which communicates with other nodes. Actual information is then seeped through the path generated by trading labels. We study the performance of RM-IDLF for different node densities under faulty nodes to study the reliability and compare it with the current data dissemination routing schemes. We evaluate RM-IDLF over a C++ simulator. The experimental analyses show that we can save significant amount of energy as compared to the prior methods.


Computers--Power supply; Routing (Computer network management); Routing protocols (Computer network protocols); Wireless sensor networks


Electrical and Computer Engineering | Engineering | Signal Processing


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