Impact of distributed generation on voltage regulation by LTC transformer

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Distributed Generator (DG) can cause over-voltages as well as under-voltages, depending on several factors including DG size and location, and method of voltage regulation. This paper addresses possible under-voltages when installing a DG on a feeder whose voltage is regulation by a LTC (load-tap changing) transformer with LDC (line drop compensator). Simple analytical expressions of voltage drop on a radial feeder with uniformly distributed load, and containing a DG unit, are derived. The analysis is illustrated by a numerical example that validates the accuracy of the analytical expressions.


Distributed control; Distributed power generation; Electric power distribution; Electric power production; Electric transformers; Electromotive force; Photovoltaic power systems; Power generation; Reactive power (Electrical engineering); Regulators; Renewable energy sources; Substations; Voltage control; Voltage regulators; Wind turbines


Electrical and Computer Engineering | Electrical and Electronics | Oil, Gas, and Energy | Power and Energy


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