High-resolution, flat-field, plane-grating, f/10 spectrograph with off-axis parabolic mirrors

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A high-resolution, flat-field, plane-grating, f/10 spectrometer based on the novel design proposed by Gil and Simon [Appl. Opt. 22, 152 (1983)] is demonstrated. The spectrometer design employs off-axis parabolic collimation and camera mirrors in a configuration that eliminates spherical aberrations and minimizes astigmatism, coma, and field curvature in the image plane. In accordance with theoretical analysis, the performance of this spectrometer achieves a high spatial resolution over the large detection area, which is shown to be limited only by the quality of its optics and their proper alignment within the spatial resolution of a 13 μm×13 μm pixelated CCD detector. With a 1500 lines/mm grating in first order, the measured spectral resolving power of λ/Δλ=2.5(±0.5)×104 allows the clear resolution of the violet Ar(I) doublet at 419.07 and 419.10  nm .


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