Asymptotically decoupled discontinuous control of systems and nonlinear aircraft maneuver

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The question of control of a class of nonlinear systems that can be decoupled by state-variable feedback is considered. Based on variable-structure system theory, a discontinuous control law is derived that accomplishes asymptotic decoupled output trajectory-following in the presence of uncertainty in the system. In the closed-loop system, the trajectories are attracted toward a chosen hypersurface in the state space and then slide along it. During the sliding phase the motion is insensitive to parameter variations. Based on this result, a control law for asymptotically decoupled control of roll angle, angle of attack, and sideslip in rapid, nonlinear maneuvers is derived. Simulation results are presented to show that large, simultaneous lateral and longitudinal maneuvers can be performed in spite of uncertainty in the stability derivatives.


Aerospace control; Aircraft; Control systems; Electric variables control; Nonlinear control systems; Nonlinear systems; State feedback; State-space methods; Uncertainty; Variable structure systems


Aeronautical Vehicles | Aerospace Engineering | Controls and Control Theory | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Electronic Devices and Semiconductor Manufacturing | Multi-Vehicle Systems and Air Traffic Control | Navigation, Guidance, Control and Dynamics | Power and Energy | Propulsion and Power | Signal Processing | Structures and Materials | Systems and Communications | Systems Engineering and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization


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