Fault Tolerance Routing for Wavelength Routed Optical networks in ONoC

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International Journal of Computers and Applications



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As a promising replacement for the conventional wire-connected on-chip micro-networks, the wavelength routed optical network (WRON) is an optical interconnection architecture particularly suitable for future super large system-on-chips. In this paper, we will lay down the theoretical foundations concerning the enumeration of all the routing paths that exist in a WRON. Actually, all the links and the nodes that a routing path has to pass through can now be enumerated under this proposed theoretical framework. Availability of such detailed information of a routing path at the node/link level makes it possible to analyse the WRON network behaviour when a fault exists. Specially, four types of faults are modelled in the WRON, and subsequently, we propose a set of procedures to locate the fault if it exists. Because the data transmission in an optical network is at the speed of light, the delay due to the non-shortest path data transmission tends to be negligibly small. This observation leads us to propose a multiplepass-transmission (MT) scheme which can be applied to rebuild the data transmission paths by bypassing/avoiding the detected fault location.


Fault locating; Fault model; Multiplepass-transmission; Wavelength routed optical network


Electrical and Computer Engineering | Engineering | Signal Processing | Systems and Communications




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