Pilot study on microcoil-array-based multichannel transcutaneous transmission of neural electrical stimulation

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This topic is to explore the feasibility of using microcoil array to achieve multi-channel transcutaneous transmission of neural electrical stimulation and the relevant factors that impact the transmission efficiency.According electromagnetic coupling principle,we designed a circuit of electrical stimulation transmission,including pulse generator,high-frequency oscillation,amplitude modulation,power amplifier and tuning network,an electrical stimulation receiver,a microcoil-array used for multi-channel signal coupling and an experimental device for test.We first proved the performance and reliability of the circuit when there are horizontal or angular mismatches between transmitter and receiver coil.On this basis we designed a 2×2 array multi-channel transmission device and each channel chooses the carrier wave in different frequency.With the function of tune network,the output signal can meet the requirements of the electrical nerve stimulation and there is weak interference among the channels.This design is proved feasible and can be used in various implantable electrical devices for multi-channel stimulation or control signal transmission,and has broad application prospects.


Biomedical | Controls and Control Theory | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Electromagnetics and Photonics | Systems and Communications


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