Robust Output Feedback Attitude Control of Spacecraft Using Solar Radiation Pressure

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Conference Proceeding

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23rd International Conference on Systems Engineering




The paper presents a robust nonlinear output feedback control system for the attitude control of satellites, with unstructured (unmodeled) dynamics in elliptic orbits, using solar radiation pressure. The nonaffine-in-control spacecraft model includes the gravity gradient torque, the control torque produced by two solar flaps, and external time-varying disturbance torque. The objective is to control the pitch angle of the spacecraft using the solar flaps. A robust feedback linearizing control law is derived for the trajectory control of the pitch angle. The controller includes a high-gain observer, which estimates the derivatives of the pitch angle as well as a lumped unstructured nonlinearity including the external disturbance moment in the pitch dynamics for synthesis. In the closed-loop system, the designed output feedback law accomplishes large angle rotational maneuvers. Simulation results are presented which show that in the closed-loop system, precise pitch angle control is accomplished, despite unmodeled nonlinearities and external disturbance torque in the model.


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