Analysis of a residential 5kW grid-tied photovoltaic system

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A grid-tied photovoltaic (GTPV) in conjunction with the proper energy storage system, have the potential to increase electrical power quality and reliability. This paper highlights the key dynamics behind GTPV energy storage sizing. Brief assessments on the merits of energy buffers for solar GTPV are presented. Also presented is an economical framework that may help policy makers assess all the benefits in order to manage the trade-offs intrinsic to renewable technologies. Study results showed that 245Ah and 2.5 kAh buffers were needed to produce 6 kWh per day for 30 minutes and 60 kWh per day for 5 hours, respectively. Results also revealed that the customer-generator GTPV system has cut the electricity bills significantly down, 36.45 percent, throughout the study year. © 2016 IEEE.


Compensation; energy storage systems; Fallon; grid-tied photovoltaic (GTPV); renewable energy; variability

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