Experimental test on some autonomous functions of advanced PV inverters

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The recent amendment to the IEEE Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems (IEEE Std. 1547a-2014) is unleashing the application of advanced inverter functionalities to help mitigate voltage regulation problems commonly encountered in areas with high levels of PV penetration. This paper describes the experimental testing of some of the important autonomous functionalities of an advanced inverter using a real PV array, the local utility supply, a load bank, and a diesel-powered synchronous generator. The functionalities include soft restart, non-unity power factor operation, over/under voltage and frequency ride through, and dynamic Volt/Var control. Test results show the inverter responded in a manner that is consistent with the selected settings of various parameters. © 2016 IEEE.


PV inverters; PV systems; Volt/Var control; Voltage and frequency disturbances; Voltage regulation

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