Vision-Based Turning Movement Monitoring:Count, Speed & Waiting Time Estimation

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This work presents a vision-based vehicle tracking system designed for improved intersection behavior analysis. Motion-based tracking is paired with trajectory analysis methods for accurate turning movement counts of all legs of an intersection using a single camera. Additional behavior analysis methods are implemented to estimate both speed and waiting time at intersections. Improved count accuracy is obtained through cooperation between complementary counting modules and a path reconstruction module is integrated to reconnect broken tracks of the same stationary vehicles at intersections. Experimental results show around 15% improvement in counting accuracy and different behavior of right turns were observed by speed profile and waiting time estimation. Right turns are taken more slowly than other turns and vehicle waiting times are shorter at signalized intersections since they do not always need permission from the signal. We finally show that the waiting time of right turns are directly affected by opposing flows regardless of signal phase. © 2016 IEEE.

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