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Proceedings of the 2003 IEEE International Workshop on Soft Computing in Industrial Applications


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

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In this paper we show that stochastic learning automata based feedback control switching strategy can be used for dynamic power management (DPM) employed at the system level. DPM strategies are usually incorporated at the operating systems of embedded devices to exploit multiple power states available in today's ACPI compliant devices. The idea is to switch between power states depending on the device usage, and since device usage times are not deterministic, probabilistic techniques are often used to create stochastic strategies, or strategies that make decisions based on probabilities of device usage spans. Previous work (Irani et al., 2001) has shown how to approximate the probability distribution of device idle times and dynamically update them, and then use such knowledge in controlling power states. Here, we use stochastic learning automata (SLA) which interacts with the environment to update such probabilities, and then apply techniques similar to (Irani et al., 2001) to optimize power usage with minimal effect on response time for the devices.


Embedded computer systems – Energy consumption; Feedback control systems; Learning models (Stochastic processes)


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