A Trajectory Based Method of Automatic Counting of Cyclist in Traffic Video Data

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International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools






Due to the growing number of cyclist accidents on urban roads, methods for collecting information on cyclists are of significant importance to the Department of Transportation. The collected information provides insights into solving critical problems related to transportation planning, implementing safety countermeasures, and managing traffic flow efficiently. Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) employs automated tools to collect traffic information from traffic video data. One of the important factors that influence cyclists safety is their counts. In comparison to other road users, such as cars and pedestrians, the automated cyclist data collection is relatively a new research area. In this work, we develop a vision-based method for gathering cyclist count data at intersections and road segments. We implement a robust cyclist detection method based on a combination of classification features. We implement a multi-object tracking method based on the Kernelized Correlation Filters (KCF) in cooperation with the bipartite graph matching algorithm to track multiple cyclists. Then, a trajectory rebuilding method and a trajectory comparison model are applied to refine the accuracy of tracking and counting. The proposed method is the first cyclist counting method, that has the ability to count cyclists under different movement patterns. The trajectory data obtained can be further utilized for cyclist behavioral modeling and safety analysis. © 2017 World Scientific Publishing Company.



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