Adaptive control of a projectile fin using piezoelectric elastic beam

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AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference and Exhibit

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This paper treats the question of model reference adaptive control of a projectile fin using a piezoelectric actuator. The hollow projectile fin is rigid, within which a flexible cantilever beam with a piezoelectric active layer is mounted. The model of the fin-beam system includes the aerodynamic moment which is a function of angle of attack of the projectile. The rotation angle of the fin is controlled by deforming the flexible beam which is hinged at the tip of the rigid fin. Based on the command generator tracker concept, a model reference adaptive fin angle controller is designed. For the design of the control law, a linear combination of the fin angle and fin’s angular rate is chosen as the controlled output variable. In the closed-loop system, the controlled output variable tracks the reference trajectory and the fin angle asymptotically converges to the desired value and the elastic modes converges to their equilibrium values. Simulation results are presented which show that in the closed-loop system, the fin angle is precisely controlled in spite of uncertainties in the fin-beam parameters and the aerodynamic moment coefficients.



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