Faculty research from the Electrical & Computer Engineering department.


Submissions from 2019

UAS-Based Object Tracking via Deep Learning, Marc Dinh, Brendan Morris, and Yoohwan Kim

Cloud Motion Vector Estimation Using Scalable Wireless Sensor Networks, Michael A. Gacusan and Venkatesan Muthukumar

Digital Behavior Intervention Plans: Effects on General Education Teacher Fidelity of Implementation, Christopher Holcomb, Joshua N. Baker, and Cori Moore

Self Error Detection and Correction for Noisy Labels Based on Error Correcting Output Code in Convolutional Neural Networks, Yang Jiao, Shahram Latifi, and Mei Yang

Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Intelligent Transportation Systems Empowered by AI Technologies, Seung-Hyun Kong, Yisheng Lv, Hai L. Vu, Juan-Carlos Cano, Brendan Tran Morris, Jun-Won Choi, and Dongsuk Kim


Preface, Shahram Latifi


A Survey of State-of-the-Art GAN-Based Approaches to Image Synthesis, Shahram Latifi and Shirin Nasr Esfahani

Audio Enhancement and Synthesis using Generative Adversarial Networks: A Survey, Shahram Latifi and Norberto Torres-Reyes


Adaptive and Supertwisting Adaptive Spacecraft Orbit Control Around Asteroids, Keum W. Lee and Sahjendra N. Singh

Quaternion-Based Adaptive Attitude Control of Asteroid-Orbiting Spacecraft via Immersion and Invariance, Keum W. Lee and Sahjendra N. Singh

Performance and Scalability Testing Strategy Based on Kubemart, Qing Lei, Weidong Liao, Yingtao Jiang, Mei Yang, and Haifeng Li

Variable Fast Transient Digitizer, James K. Mellott, Eric Monahan, Vikas Vinayaka, Sachin P. Namboodiri, Angsuman Roy, and R. Jacob Baker

Adaptive Attitude Control of Spacecraft Orbiting Around Asteroids, Nicholas Moya, Keum W. Lee, and Sahjendra N. Singh

What and How Well You Performed? a Multitask Learning Approach to Action Quality Assessment, Paritosh Parmar and Brendan T. Morris

Threat Recognition from Gait Analysis, Bruce Powell, Eilat Avidan, and Shahram Latifi

Trajectory Prediction of Vehicles Turning at Intersections using Deep Neural Networks, Mohammad Shokrolah Shirazi and Brendan Tran Morris

Aircraft Close Formation Control Using Finite-Time Sliding Mode Law, Sahjendra Singh, Kaushik Raj, and Venkatesan Muthukumar

Signal Processing for MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) Gyroscopes, Allen A. Stubberud and Peter A. Stubberud

The Design of Digital IIR Filters Using a Differential Evolution Optimization Algorithm with Taguchi Crossover, Peter Stubberud

SSeg-LSTM: Semantic Scene Segmentation for Trajectory Prediction, Arsal Syed and Brendan Tran Morris

A Game-Theoretic Approach to Device and Resource Discovery in Internet of Battle Things, Shahab Tayeb, Adrian Ruiz, and Shahram Latifi

MIMO-OFDM Communication Systems for Traffic Data Transmission in 5G Drone Small Cells, Vahid Vahidi and Ebrahim Saberinia

Segmented Digital SiPM, Vikas Vinayaka, Sachin P. Namboodiri, Angsuman Roy, and R. Jacob Baker

A Survey of Sound-based Biometrics used in Species Recognition, Yuqiu Wei, Yiling Xu, and Shahram Latifi

On a New Hardware Trojan Attack on Power Budgeting of Many Core Systems, Yiming Zhao, Xiaohang Wang, Yingtao Jiang, Mei Yang, Amit Kumar Singh, and Terrence S.T. Mak