Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Electrical and Computer Engineering Department faculty.


Submissions from 2009

Indirect Adaptive Output Feedback Control of a Biorobotic AUV Using Pectoral-like Mechanical Fins, Mugdha S. Naik, Sahjendra N. Singh, and Rajat Mittal

Adaptive Output Feedback Control of MIMO AUV with Unknown Gain Matrix, Pradeep R. Nambisan and Sahjendra N. Singh

Multi-variable Adaptive Backstepping Control of Submersibles Using SDU Decomposition, Pradeep R. Nambisan and Sahjendra N. Singh

Evaluation of Incident Management Strategies and Technologies Using an Integrated Traffic/incident Management Simulation, Kaan Ozbay, Weihua Xiao, Bekir Bartin, Gaurav Jaiswal, and Pushkin Kachroo

Alumina Coating of Ultrafine nanoporous Gold At Room Temperature and Their Optical Properties, Lihua Qian, Wen Shen, Biswajit Das, Bo Shen, and Gaowu W. Qin

Fuse-N: Framework for Unified Simulation Environment for network-on-chip, A. Raina and Venkatesan Muthukumar

Traffic Aware Scheduling Algorithm for network on Chip, A. Raina and Venkatesan Muthukumar

Pulsed-OFDM Modulation for Ultrawideband Communications, Ebrahim Saberinia, Jun Tang, Ahmed H. Tewfik, and Keshab K. Parhi

Applications of Computational Intelligence, Henry Selvaraj and S. Arivazhagan


Energy Efficient RGBW Pixel Configuration for Light-emitting Displays, Neveen Shlayan, Rama Venkat, Paolo Ginobbi, and Ashok K. Singh


A Vector Matrix Real Time Backpropagation Algorithm for Recurrent neural networks That Approximate Multi-valued Periodic Functions, Peter Stubberud

Long-term Performance of the Proposed Yucca Mountain Repository, USA, P. N. Swift, K. Knowles, J. McNeish, and Chad Hansen


A Graph-based Approach to Symbolic Functional Decomposition of Finite State Machines, Piotr Szotkowski, Mariusz Rawski, and Henry Selvaraj

Identification of Sensitive Unclassified Information, Kazem Taghva

Genetic Search for Optimal Personalized Location Areas for Future Pcs networks, R. Varadarajan, J. Zheng, and Emma Regentova

Battery Storage System Sizing in Distribution Feeders with Distributed Photovoltaic Systems, Chandu Venu, Y. Riffonneau, S. Bacha, and Yahia Baghzouz

Traffic Regulation with Single- and Dual-homed ISPs Under a Percentile-based Pricing Policy, Jianping Wang, Jing Chen, Mei Yang, and S. Q. Zheng

A Routing-table-based Adaptive and Minimal Routing Scheme on network-on-chip Architectures, Ling Wang, Hui Song, Yanan Jiang, and Lihong Zhang

Service Composition in Service-oriented Wireless Sensor networks with Persistent Queries, Xiumin Wang, Jianping Wang, Zeyu Zheng, Yinlong Xu, and Mei Yang

Distinct Paths for the Star Graph, Xiaolong Wu, He Min, Fei Wang, Yang Jing, and Shahram Latifi


Scheduling Architectures for DiffServ Networks with Input Queuing Switches, Mei Yang, Henry Selvaraj, Enyue Lu, Jianping Wang, S. Q. Zheng, and Yingtao Jiang

Architectures and Routing Schemes for Optical network-on-chips, Lei Zhang, Mei Yang, Yingtao Jiang, and Emma Regentova

Multi-slot Channel Allocation for Priority Packet Transmission in the GPRS network, Jun Zheng, Mengyu Qiao, and Emma Regentova

Pilot Study on Microcoil-array-based Multichannel Transcutaneous Transmission of neural Electrical Stimulation, Xiaolin Zheng, Zongxia Mou, Wensheng Hou, Xiaoying Wu, Zenong Yin, Yingtao Jiang, Biswajit Das, and Chenglin Peng

Processor Allocation Problem for NoC-based Chip Multiprocessors, Dawid Maksymilian Zydek and Henry Selvaraj

Submissions from 2008

Fundamental-frequency Components in Single-phase Motors with SCR Voltage Controllers, Yahia Baghzouz

Synchronization of Animal-Inspired Multiple High-Lift Fins in an Underwater Vehicle Using Olivo-Cerebellar Dynamics, Promode R. Bandyopadhyay, Sahjendra N. Singh, Daniel P. Thivierge, Anuradha M. Annaswamy, Henry A. Leinhos, Albert R. Fredette, and David N. Beal

Electro-optical Properties of All-oxide P-CuAlO2/n-ZnO: Al Transparent Heterojunction Thin Film Diode Fabricated on Glass Substrate, Arghya Banerjee and Kalyan K. Chattopadhyay

Nanostructured P-type Semiconducting Transparent Oxides: Promising Materials for nano-active Devices and the Emerging Field of "transparent nanoelectronics", Arghya Banerjee and Kalyan K. Chattopadhyay


An Ultrahigh Vacuum Complementary Metal Oxide Silicon Compatible nonlithographic System to Fabricate nanoparticle-based Devices, Arghya Banerjee and Biswajit Das

Size Controlled Deposition of Cu and Si nano-clusters By an Ultra-high Vacuum Sputtering Gas Aggregation Technique, Arghya Banerjee, R. Krishna, and Biswajit Das

On the Optimal Efficiency of Split-phase Induction Motors Under Light Load Conditions, Fatima Bouzidi and Yahia Baghzouz

Power Loss in Split-phase Induction Motors with SCR Voltage Controllers, Fatima Bouzidi and Yahia Baghzouz


Knowledge Maps and Their Application to Student and Faculty Assessment, Ricky Castles, V. K. Lohani, and Pushkin Kachroo


Preliminary Study on Optimization of Data Distribution in Resource Sharing Systems, Grzegorz Chmaj and Krzysztof Walkowiak

Renewable Energy for Federal Land Management Agencies in Southern nevada, Todd M. France, Eric Wiemers, Stephen E. Butterworth, Yahia Baghzouz, and Robert F. Boehm

Spatial Distribution of Electron Stimulated Electron Desorption from a Metal Surface, S. Garner, N. Lehman, and Robert A. Schill

Pilot Study on the Impact of TMS to Handgrip Force, Y. He, W. Hou, X. Zheng, X. Wu, Y. Jiang, J. Zheng, and C. Peng

Simulation of the Diaphragm Properties of a PZT-based Valveless Micropump, Wensheng Hou, Biswajit Das, Yanan Jiang, Shizhi Qian, Xiaolin Zheng, X. Pi, J. Yang, H. Liu, J. Zheng, and Z. Zheng

On a Microfabricated Ti-alloy-based Microneedle Array for Transdermal Drug Delivery, Wensheng Hou, Biswajit Das, Yingtao Jiang, Shizhi Qian, Xiaolin Zheng, J. Yang, X. Pi, H. Liu, Jun Zheng, and Yuheng Zheng

Research the Effect of High Pass Filter in SEMG Preprocessing, Wensheng Hou, L. Ma, X. Wu, Xiaolin Zheng, Yingtao Jiang, Jun Zheng, and Chenglin Peng

Phased Multi-joint Movement of the Index Finger During a Full Flexion Cycle, Wensheng Hou, Xiaoying Wu, Yingtao Jiang, Jun Zheng, Xiaolin Zheng, Xueling Liang, and Yihong Ye

Simulation of the Fluidic Features for Diffuser/nozzle Involved in a PZT-based Valveless Micropump, Wensheng Hou, Xiaolin Zheng, Biswajit Das, Yingtao Jiang, Shizhi Qian, Xiaoying Wu, and Zhigao Zheng

Deadlock-free Multi-path Routing for Torus-based NoCs, Yaoting Jiao, Mei Yang, Xiaochun Yun, and Yingtao Jiang

A Multi-path Routing Scheme for Torus-based NoCs, Y. Jiao, Yang Liu, Mei Yang, and Yingtao Jiang

EECCP: An Energy-efficient Coverage- and Connectivity Preserving Algorithm Under Border Effects in Wireless Sensor networks, Yan Jin, Ju-Yeon Jo, Yoohwan Kim, Mei Yang, and Yanan Jiang


Pedestrian Dynamics: Feedback Control of Crowd Evacuation, Pushkin Kachroo, S. Al-Nasur, S. Wadoo, and Apoorva Shende

Iteration-free Fractal Coding for Image Compression Using Genetic Algorithm, A. R. Nadria Banu Kamal, S. Thamarai Selvi, and Henry Selvaraj

Synthesis, Structure and Electronic Properties of Phase Change Material Sb55Se45, Ravhi S. Kumar, Nirup Reddy, Andrew Cornelius, and Rama Venkat

Robustness of Star Graph network Under Link Failure, Shahram Latifi, Ebrahim Saberinia, and Xiaolong Wu

Adaptive and Variable Structure Control of Aircraft with Unknown High-Frequency Gain, Keum W. Lee, Pradeep R. Nambisan, and Sahjendra N. Singh


A Finite Queue Model Analysis of PMRC-based Wireless Sensor networks, Qiaoqin Li, Mei Yang, Hongyan Wang, Yingtao Jiang, and Jiazhi Zeng

A novel Design of Self-routing Strictly nonblocking Switching networks, E. Lu, M. c. B. Yang, X. Feng, and S. Q. Zheng


Model Abstraction in Dynamical Systems: Application to Mobile Robot Control, Patricia Mellodge and Pushkin Kachroo

A Robotic Spectrometer System for LED Display Measurements, Glenn Mercier, Jonathan Ross, Paolo Ginobbi, and Rama Venkat

Algorithms for the Measurement of Liquid Metal Coolant Flow Velocity with Correlated Thermal Signals, Taleb Moazzeni, Yingtao Jiang, Jian Ma, and NIng Li

Measurement of Liquid Metal Coolant Flow Velocity with Correlated Thermal Signals, Taleb Moazzeni, M. Jian, R. Reddy, Yingtao Jiang, and N. Li

Application of Functional Decomposition in Synthesis of Boolean Function Sets, Pawel Morawiecki, Mariusz Rawski, and Henry Selvaraj

Input Variable Partitioning Method for Functional Decomposition of Functions Specified By Large Truth Tables, Pawel Morawiecki, Mariusz Rawski, and Henry Selvaraj

Design and Implementation of a Parameterized NoC Router and its Application to Build PRDT-based NoCs, S. Neelkrishnan, Mei Yang, Yingtao Jiang, Lei Zhang, Enyue Lu, Xiaochun Yun, and Yulu Yang

Maximizing Resource Utilization By Slicing of Superscalar Architecture, S. Patil and Venkatesan Muthukumar

Electrophoretic Motion of a Spherical Particle with a Symmetric nonuniform Surface Charge Distribution in a nanotube, Shizhi Qian, Sang W. Joo, Wensheng Hou, and Xuxin Zhao


Significance of Logic Synthesis in FPGA-Based Design of Image and Signal Processing Systems, Mariusz Rawski, Henry Selvaraj, Bogdan J. Falkowski, and Tadeusz Luba

Characterizing Free-regions of Sensor nodes, Navin Rongatana, Laxmi P. Gewali, and Henry Selvaraj

Ranging in Multiband Ultrawideband Communication Systems, Ebrahim Saberinia and Ahmed H. Tewfik

An Overview of Iris and Retina Scans and Their Fusion in a Biometric System, M. Sadowitz, Shahram Latifi, and David Walker

A Novel RGBW Pixel for LED Displays, Neveen Shlayan, Rama Venkat, Paolo Ginobbi, and Glenn Mercier

Modeling of Programming Time of Nanocrystal Flash Memory Cells, Pavan Singaraju and Rama Venkat

Modeling of the Charging Dynamics in Silicon Nanocrystal Nonvolatile Flash Memory Cells, Pavan Singaraju and Rama Venkat

A Hybrid Orthogonal Genetic Algorithm for Global numerical Optimization, Peter Stubberud and Matthew Edward Jackson

A Signal Processing Technique for Improving the Accuracy of MEMS Inertial Sensors, Peter Stubberud and Allen Stubberud

Artificial neural networks Application in Population Chlorophyll Content Forecast from Cotton Plant Digital Images, Xingmei Suo, Yingtao Jiang, Mei Yang, Shaokun Li, and Keru Wang

Scalable and Fault-tolerant network-on-chip Design Using the Quartered Recursive Diagonal Torus Topology, Xianfang Tan, Lei Zhang, Shankar Neelkrishnan, Mei Yang, Yingtao Jiang, and Yulu Yang

Detection Algorithms for the nano nose, J.M. Karthikeya Udayagiri V. R., Taleb Moazzeni, Yingtao Jiang, and Biswajit Das

Personalized Location Area Design with Genetic Algorithm for Future PCS networks, R. Varadarajan, Emma Regentova, and Jun Zheng

A new Method of Detecting Microcalcification Clusters for Computer Aided Digital Mammography, G. Veni, Emma Regentova, and Ajay Kumar Mandava


Feedback Control of Macroscopic Crowd Dynamic Models, S. Wadoo, S. Al-nasur, and Pushkin Kachroo

Data Distribution in Public-Resource Computing: Modeling and Optimization, Krzysztof Walkowiak and Grzegorz Chmaj

Overlapped Layers for Prolonging network Lifetime in Multi-hop Wireless Sensor networks, Hongyan Wang, Mei Yang, Yingtao Jiang, Shupeng Wang, and Laxmi P. Gewali

On a Web-graph-based Micronetwork Architecture for SoCs, Ling Wang, S. Piao, Yanan Jiang, and L. Zhang

A Degree Priority Routing Algorithm for Irregular Mesh Topology NoCs, Ling Wang, Hui Song, Dongxin Wen, and Yingtao Jiang

Mobile node Deployment in Hybrid Sensor networks, Shupeng Wang, Mei Yang, Jianping Wang, Yingtao Jiang, and Ju-Yeon Jo

Substar Reliability Analysis in Star networks, Xiaolong Wu and Shahram Latifi

Preface: Special Issue on High-performance Computing Architectures, Mei Yang and L. Wang

Selecting Critical Clinical Features for Heart Diseases Diagnosis with a Real-coded Genetic Algorithm, Hongmei Yan, Jun Zheng, Yingtao Jiang, Chenglin Peng, and Shouzhong Xiao

Optimal Subcube Embeddability in Hypercubes with Additional Dimension, Shameema Yasim and Shahram Latifi

Spare Dimensions in Hypercubes, Sithy S. M. Yasim and Shahram Latifi

An Easy Tune-up Exponentially Fast Annealer for High-quality Analog Module Placement, Lihong Zhang and Yingtao Jiang

Symmetry-aware Placement with Transitive Closure Graphs for Analog Layout Design, Lihong Zhang, C.-J. Richard Shi, and Yingtao Jiang

Fault Tolerance Routing for Wavelength Routed Optical networks in ONoC, L. Zhang, Yingtao Jiang, and Emma Regentova

Submissions from 2007

Evaluation of a Fuel Cell for Powering the Electrical Load of ICE Vehicles, Yahia Baghzouz, Rick A. Hurt, and Robert F. Boehm

A Comparative Study of Job Allocation and Migration in the Pancake network, Robert Bennes, Shahram Latifi, and Naoto Kimura

Novel nonlithographic Quantum Wire Array Fabrication, Biswajit Das and Pavan Singaraju

College-wide Senior Design Competition: A Motivating Approach, Paolo Ginobbi, Walter Vodrazka, John Wang, Henry Selvaraj, Nader Ghafoori, Mohamed Trabia, Laxmi P. Gewali, and Rama Venkat

Reliable Data Transmission in Mobile Ad Hoc Sensor networks, Vasu Jolly and Shahram Latifi


Nesting System with Quantization and Knowledge Base Applied, Leszek Koszalka and Grzegorz Chmaj

The Effect of node Failures in Substar Reliability of a Star network- a Combinatorial Approach, Shahram Latifi and Venka Palaniappan

Global Robust Control of an Aeroelastic System Using Output Feedback, Keum W. Lee and Sahjendra N. Singh

Robust Control of Chaos in Chua’s Circuit Based on Internal Model Principle, Keum W. Lee and Sahjendra N. Singh

Simplified Adaptive Control of an Orbiting Flexible Spacecraft, Ganesh Maganti and Sahjendra N. Singh