Writing Feedback Groups in International EAL Doctoral Students’ Development as Scholarly Writers: Making the Elusive Clear

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Handbook of Research on Developing Students’ Scholarly Dispositions in Higher Education


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For many international doctoral students, English is an additional language (EAL), and consequently, scholarly writing in English is a source of academic anxiety. Although international English as an additional language (IEAL) students often have professional experience in their field of study and have been academically successful, the shift in linguistic demand at the doctoral level is especially challenging. Learning to communicate as a member of the academic community requires the development of discipline specific knowledge, rhetorical conventions, and discourse registers which precisely communicate complex ideas in their nonnative language. Research evidence points to the importance of social support and feedback in international/EAL doctoral students' socialization into scholarly writing. This chapter outlines the implementation of a writing feedback group with four IEAL doctoral students and their developing scholarly habits of mind and academic writing skills.


Scholarly writing; Social support; Writing feedback group


Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Early Childhood Education

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