Board# 111: Using High School Transcript Data and Diagnostic Information to Fine-Tune Placement Policy and Tailor Instruction in Developmental Math

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2017 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition

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Addressing this gap in the literature, we conducted a mixed methods study to understand whether and how a wealth of background data from HSTs and math diagnostics might improve A&P and be useful to CC math faculty. We examined longitudinal student records from high school to CC in a large California metropolitan area and tested associations between relevant academic background variables from HSTs, placement testing results, and students’ CC outcomes. We also conducted surveys and interviews of all full-time math faculty (N=22) at one CC where diagnostic data are collected during placement testing but not shared with faculty. This provided an opportunity to gather math faculty members’ insight on the usefulness of HST and diagnostic data for improving math placement and for tailoring instruction in math classrooms.