Promotion of Sports for Girls & Women – the Necessity and the Strategy

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As sport has become increasingly commercialized, opportunities for girls and women in the sport industry have also increased. Though women may not be the major beneficiaries of the contemporary sport system, they have gained greater access to a wide variety of roles, including participant, spectator, coach, trainer, journalist, agent, and promoter. This feature will present several aspects of the changing sport enterprise, focusing on both equality issues and increased sport participation and career opportunities for girls and women.

Before Title IX, fewer than 300,000 young women participated in interscholastic athletics nationwide. Today, that figure has reached approximately 2.25 million. In the wake of this participation explosion, interest in the impact of these increased opportunities has grown. Identifying problematic aspects of girls' involvement in sport includes, but is not limited to, gender stereotyping through the media, disordered eating associated with sport, and overcoming barriers related to participation and sport careers. Scholars and practitioners alike need to keep pace with the diversification of female involvement with sport and physical activity.


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