Factors Affecting Corporate Sponsorship of Women’s Sport

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Corporate sponsors of women's sports were surveyed to determine the factors affecting their sponsor- ship involvement. The survey instrument was developed as a modification of the Sport Sponsorship Evaluation Model designed by Irwin and Assimakopoulos (1992). Part I established a profile of corporations typically involved in women's sport sponsorship. The remaining sections addressed specific factors influential in developing and maintaining sponsorship. The results indicated that women are being recognized and valued as a new market by many corporations. In addition, women's sport is becoming established as an avenue to reach the potential market. Corporations associated with womens sport can establish an image that reaches a market segment that has increasing visibility and influence. With the level of competition continually rising for corporate sponsorship money and the development of a niche in today's market becoming increasingly complicated, the identification of this new market comprising of women appears to be a positive option for companies interested in cutting-edge strategy.


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