Activities and accomplishments in various domains: Relationships with creative personality and creative motivation in adolescence

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This study examined relationships between five personal traits and adolescents’ creative activities and accomplishments in five domains—music, visual arts, creative writing, science, and technology. Participants were 439 tenth graders (220 males and 219 females) in China. The relationships were examined using confirmatory factor analysis. Openness to experience was related to activities in music, visual arts, and creative writing but not to science and technology. Creative self-efficacy was related to all but technology-related activities. Intrinsic motivation was related to visual arts and science creative activities. Conscientiousness and perceived intellectual ability were not associated with creative activities in any domain. Finally, none of the personality or motivational attributes were related to creative activities in the technology domain. Personal traits appear to introduce some variability in the developmental trajectory of potential talents in various domains.


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