Test-Taking Strategies of High and Low Mathematics Achievers

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The authors explored test-preparation and test-taking strategies that high school students used in algebra tests. From a pool of high school students (N = 156), 61 students participated in interviews, and of those interviewed, 26 represented those who were high achieving as well as highly interested in mathematics (n = 15) vs. those who were low achieving and showed a low level of interest in mathematics (n = 11). The authors performed category elicitation by using the interview protocols of 56 participants in 3 areas: test-preparation strategy, test-preparation awareness, and test-taking strategy. Elicited constructs included cognitive as well as emotional and motivational strategies and concerns. Whereas some strategies and awareness were common in high and low achievers in mathematics, some strategies varied between the 2 groups. The authors discussed the need for strategy instructions for enhancing high school students' study and test-taking strategies and for addressing their motivational concerns.


Education | Educational Psychology