Publications by the faculty of University of Nevada, Las Vegas Department of Educational Psychology, Leadership, and Higher Education.


Submissions from 2014


Motivational and cognitive test-taking strategies and their influence on test performance in mathematics, Yun Peng, Eunsook Hong, and Elsa Mason


Afterword, LeAnn G. Putney and Nancy P. Gallavan


Section 1 Summary, LeAnn G. Putney and Nancy P. Gallavan


Section 3 Summary, LeAnn G. Putney and Nancy P. Gallavan

Motivating Students by “Personalizing” Learning Around Individual Interests: A Consideration of Theory, Design and Implementation Issues, Candace Walkington and Matthew L. Bernacki PhD

Submissions from 2012


The Effects of Achievement Goals and Self- regulated Learning Behaviors on Reading Comprehension in Technology-enhanced Learning Environments, Matthew L. Bernacki PhD, James P. Byrnes, and Jennifer G. Cromley


Modifying the Diabetes Prevention Program to Adolescents in a School Setting: A Feasibility Study, Lori L. Candela, Antonio P. Gutierrez, Janet S. Dufek, LeAnn G. Putney, and John A. Mercer


Effects of overweight and obesity on walking characteristics in adolescents, Janet S. Dufek, Rayland L. Currie, Philana-Lee Gouws, Lori Candela, Antonio P. Gutierrez, John A. Mercer, and LeAnn G. Putney

Handbook of Marketing Research, Nancy L. Lough PhD


Collectively Transformative Pedagogy: Enhancing Educational Opportunities for Native American Students, LeAnn G. Putney

Engagement with books, LeAnn G. Putney and J. Wink

English/Language Arts: Engagement with school libraries, LeAnn G. Putney and J. Wink

Library mapping, LeAnn G. Putney and J. Wink

Submissions from 2010


Creative thinking ability: Domain generality and specificity, Eunsook Hong and Roberta M. Milgram

What influence the development of multicultural teaching competencies?, Eunsook Hong, Porter L. Troutman Jr., Stephanie Hartzell, and C. R. Kyles

Homework problems: Do students from rural and urban schools perceive differently?, Yun Peng, Eunsook Hong, Xiayan Li, Min Wan, and Yongzhong Long


Case study, LeAnn G. Putney

Developing Teacher Efficacy through Reflection: A Vygotskian Perspective, LeAnn G. Putney and Suzanne H. Broughton


The Roots and Routes of Teacher-Based Action Research and Curriculum Inquiry: An Historical Perspective, LeAnn G. Putney and J. L. Green

Submissions from 2008


The Impact of Service Learning on Moral Development and Moral Orientation, Matthew L. Bernacki PhD and Elizabeth A. Jaeger

Work-Life Culture of Collegiate Athletics: Perceptions of Supervisors, Jennifer Bruening PhD, Marlene Dixon PhD, Bonnie Tiell PhD, Barbara Osborne, Nancy L. Lough, and Kristi Sweeney PhD


The Work/Life Interface in Intercollegiate Athletics: An Examination of Policies, Programs, and Institutional Climate, Marlene Dixon, Bonnie Tiell, Nancy L. Lough, Kristy Sweeney, Barbara Osborne, and Jennifer Bruening


Do Chinese students' perceptions of test value affect test performance? Mediating role of motivational and metacognitive regulation in test preparation, Eunsook Hong and Yun Peng

Chap. 8: Financial Management of Sport, Nancy L. Lough PhD

Chap. 9: Corporate Sponsorship of Sport, Nancy L. Lough PhD

Athletic Administrators Perceptions of Work –Life Balance Policies: A Divisional Comparison, Nancy L. Lough, Bonnie Tiell, and Bryan Osborne


Looking through ethnographic eyes at classrooms acting as cultures, LeAnn G. Putney and Carolyn R. Frank


When Serendipity Meets Opportunity: Qualitative Dimensions of Teacher Perceptions, LeAnn G. Putney and Connie L. Malin

Submissions from 2005

Chap. 8: Sponsorship and Sales in the Sport Industry, Nancy L. Lough PhD

Commodification and Commercialization, Nancy L. Lough PhD

Marketing through Sport Sponsorship, Nancy L. Lough PhD


Self-efficacy and interest in the use of reading strategies, Matthew T. McCrudden, Peggy G. Perkins, and LeAnn G. Putney

Submissions from 2004


Effective multicultural education: What today's teachers want, Nancy P. Gallavan and LeAnn G. Putney

Valuing Diversity in Self, Others, and Society through Cultural Artifact "Me Boxes" in Social Studies Methods Courses, Nancy P. Gallavan and LeAnn G. Putney

Examination of the Career Paths and Profiles of NCAA Division I Female Athletic Directors, Heidi Grappendorf PhD, Nancy L. Lough PhD, and Joy Griffin

Qualitative and Ethnographic Research Methods, LeAnn G. Putney, J. Green, and Carol N. Dixon

Submissions from 2003


Constructing community in a postsecondary virtual classroom, Virginia A. Bielman, LeAnn G. Putney, and Neal Strudler

Submissions from 2001

Intimacy and Reflection, David A. Heflich and LeAnn G. Putney

Commercialization, Nancy L. Lough PhD


Mentoring Connections between Women and Coaching, Nancy L. Lough PhD

Sponsorship, Nancy L. Lough PhD

A Comparative Analysis of Sponsorship Objectives for Women’s Sport and Traditional Sport Sponsorship, Nancy L. Lough PhD and Richard L. Irwin

Evolution of Qualitative Research Methodology: Looking Beyond Defense to Possibilities, LeAnn G. Putney, Judith L. Green, Carol N. Dixon, and Gregory J. Kelly

Submissions from 1999

Review of Schools for Growth, L B. Jennings and LeAnn G. Putney

Examining transformative classroom processes and practices: A cross-case analysis of life in two bilingual classrooms, LeAnn G. Putney and Ana Floriani


Evolution of qualitative research methodology: Looking beyond defense to possibilities, LeAnn G. Putney, Judith L. Green, Carol N. Dixon, and Gregory J. Kelly

What can English-dominant teachers do in a multilingual context? Stop, think, and proceed with care, LeAnn G. Putney, Yiqiang Wu, and Joan Wink

Submissions from 1996


Conceptualizing a Basis for Understanding: What Differences Do Differences Make?, Judith L. Green, Gregory J. Kelly, Maria Lucia Castmheira, Julie Esch, Carolyn Frank, Marli Hodel, LeAnn G. Putney, and Marisol Rodarte

Factors Affecting Corporate Sponsorship of Women’s Sport, Nancy L. Lough

You Are It: Meaning Making as a Collective and Historical Process, LeAnn G. Putney

Submissions from 1994


Review of Joinfostering: Adapting Teaching Strategies for the Multilingual Classroom, Joan Wink and LeAnn G. Putney