Reading and Writing Digital Contexts Across Campus: From FYC and FYE to ME to CE

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Digital Reading and Writing in Composition Studies



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This chapter explores a Domain of One’s Own initiative at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas that emphasizes rhetorical practices for digital reading and writing in a networked learning environment. This new initiative encourages a more collaborative approach, privileges informal and situated learning, and promotes decision-making, student self-monitoring, and lifelong learning. More importantly, with digital reading and writing at its core, this initiative connects first-year composition to first-year experience, milestone experience, and culminating experience general education requirements to help students construct more transparent relationships between projects, between courses, between programs, between disciplines, and across campus. This chapter is, ultimately, about context: digital reading and writing in context; digital reading and writing as context. The first section describes the Domain of One’s Own initiative and the opportunities for creating relationships it provides between first-year composition, general education, and disciplinary practices in a student’s major. The second section offers specific examples of rhetorical practices for digital reading and writing as a part of this initiative and examines critically how they help students meet their short- and long-term educational goals.


Communication Studies, Education, Humanities, Language & Literature


Education | Language and Literacy Education



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