Publications written by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas English department faculty.


Submissions from 2017


Tweeting the anthropocene: #400ppm as networked event, L E. Cagle and D Tillery


Pre-injury polypharmacy predicts mortality in isolated severe traumatic brain injury patients, J S. Catapano, A J. Chapman, L P. Horner, M Lu, D R. Fraser, and J J. Fildes


Development of a standardized sequential extraction protocol for simultaneous extraction of multiple actinide elements, S A. Faye, J M. Richards, A M. Gallardo, K R. Campbell, and R Sudowe


Posttraumatic stress disorder, trauma, and history in metal gear solid V, A M. Green

Thoreau's sound reasoning, J Hay


Jack London’s Sci-Fi Finale, John Hay


The American Mad Max: The Road Warrior versus the Postman, John Hay

Darwin in den USA: Wissenschaft und Kreationismus, John Hay and Jeffrey Schwartz


High-grade gold deposition and collapse breccia formation, Cortez Hills carlin-Type gold deposit, Nevada, USA, L R.C. Maroun, J S. Cline, A Simon, P Anderson, and J Muntean


Commonplaces of Scientific Evidence in Environmental Discourses, Denise Tillery

Scientist as Hero, Technology as the Enemy: Commonplaces about Science in Environmental Discourses, Denise Tillery


Editor's introduction: The world, the multi-ethnic text, and the critic, G Totten


Comparison of the native antimony-bearing Paiting gold deposit, Guizhou Province, China, with Carlin-type gold deposits, Nevada, USA, Z J. Xie, Y Xia, J S. Cline, B W. Yan, Z P. Wang, Q P. Tan, and D T. Wei


Older Lifelong Learners’ Motivations for Participating in Formal Volunteer Activities in Urban Communities, T Yamashita, E B. Lopez, M Soligo, and J R. Keene


Types of Learning Activities and Life Satisfaction among Older Adults in Urban Community-Based Lifelong Learning Programs, T Yamashita, E B. Lopez, J Stevens, and J R. Keene

Submissions from 2016


Limiting spectroscopic interferences of 239Pu and 237Np in a UO2 matrix using LA-ICP-MS, Keri Campbell, A Unger, W Kerlin, T Hartmann, J Bertoia, E Judge, M Dirmyer, and K Czerwinski

Imagery, Daniel T. Erwin


The changing patterns of iconology: Seven questions to Mitchell from the twentieth century, Timothy Erwin


The Reconstruction of Morality and the Evolution of Naturalism in the Last of Us, Amy Green

My Book of Mormon Story, P. Jane Hafen


Ben Jonson: Madness and community, Richard Harp

Virtue Is Not Boring: Shakespeare and the Moral Life, Richard L. Harp


Broken Hearths: Melville's Israel Potter and the Bunker Hill Monument, John Hay

Jack London’s Popular Naturalism, John Hay

Review of Approaches to Teaching the Works of Jack London, ed. Kenneth K. Brandt and Jeanne Campbell Reesman, John Hay


Review of Changing Hands: Industry, Evolution, and the Reconfiguration of the Victorian Body by Peter J. Capuano, John Hay

Animal House: UNLV program that embeds a professor in the residence halls aims at boosting student engagement, Jarret Keene

Checking In With Saint Motel: The band's indie-pop overflows with bright hooks and soulful grooves, Jarret Keene

Country Crooner Corb Lund Is a Sodbustin’ Shakespeare, Jarret Keene

Exorcise This: Ghost Possesses Songs by Other artists on Its Latest EP, Jarret Keene

It’s the Bomb: A UNLV history professor publishes a graphic novel depicting the Atomic Era, Jarret Keene

Machete Music, Jarret Keene

Megadeth Stays Hard Front man Dave Mustaine talks about the band's evolution, Jarret Keene

Off the Ranch: Eastside Oasis, Jarret Keene

Punch-drunk Professor: An English teacher finds literary completeness in a most unlikely way, Jarret Keene

The 3rd Degree: Featuring Diane Bush, Jarret Keene

Widow, Jarret Keene

With All-Star Ensemble Kings of Chaos, Chester Bennington Holds His Own, Jarret Keene

When People of Color Are Discouraged From Going Into the Arts, Julia Lee

When Two ‘Little Rascals’ Crossed the Color Line, Julia Lee

Student-Centered Assessment Design in a Professional Writing Minor, Ed Nagelhout and Denise Tillery

Marianne Moore's postwar fables and the politics of indirection, Emily Setina

Proust's darkroom, Emily Setina

Shakespeare's Early Reception (to 1660), Charles Whitney

Submissions from 2013


Love Among the Ruins, John Hay

Submissions from 2010

British Historical Fiction before Scott, Anne H. Stevens

Submissions from 2009

Stretching Sexual Boundaries in Sherman Alexie’s ‘Indian Country, Patrice E.M. Hollrah

Submissions from 2006

The Strength of Native Women in James Welch’s Winter in the Blood, Patrice E.M. Hollrah


The Footnote, in Theory, Anne H. Stevens and Jay Williams

Submissions from 2005

L’extraordinaire langage de Robert Pinsky, Timothy Erwin

First Impressions of A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff as an Author, Patrice E.M. Hollrah

English Monarchies, Anne H. Stevens

Submissions from 2000

Spectacle in the way of the world, Timothy Erwin and Leon Coburn

Submissions from 1998

Angelica Kauffmann, Henry Fuseli, and the birth of the sublime, Timothy Erwin

Submissions from 1995

Alexander Pope and the disappearance of the beautiful, Timothy Erwin