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The Andersen six-stage impactor, the SAS (Surface Air System) impactor, the AGI-30 impinger, and gravity plates were evaluated for the retrieval of aerosol-releasedPseudomonas syringae. The upper limits of the impactor samplers were exceeded at a spray concentration of 10^7 CFU/ml, indicating that these samplers are not appropriate for monitoring high airborne concentrations. Decreased cell concentrations were retrieved with increased sampling time for the Andersen and AGI samplers, indicating that a minimum sampling time is preferable for monitoring aerosolized vegetative cells.


Environmental Public Health | Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene

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Buttner, M.P. and L.D. Stetzenbach. 1991. Evaluation of four aerobiological sampling methods for the retrieval of aerosolized Pseudomonas syringae. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 57:1268-1270.

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