Predictors in Initiating and Maintaining Nutritional Behaviors to Deal With Menopausal Symptoms Based on Multi-Theory Model

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International Quarterly of Community Health Education

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This cross-sectional study was conducted in 2019 on 204 postmenopausal women aged 45-55 years who referred to Yazd health centers to determine the predictors in initiating and sustaining nutritional behaviors to deal with menopausal symptoms based on the multi-theory model (MTM). The participants were required to complete the demographic information questionnaire and a researcher-made questionnaire over the effective nutritional behaviors in menopause based on the MTM. The data were summarized and analyzed using SPSS 18 and AMOS23 by running descriptive indicators and path analysis. Behavioral confidence (beta = 0.61, P < 0.001) had a higher predictive power in initiating a nutritional behavior compared to the changes in the physical environment (beta = 0.13, P < 0.05) and participatory dialogue (beta = 0. 10, p < 0.05). Among the behavior-related constructs, only emotional transformation (beta = 0.78, P < 0.001) could predict the behavioral sustaining. A positive and significant association was observed between nutritional behavior sustaining and quality of life (beta = -0.41, P < 0.001). The MTM is an appropriate model for predicting the initiation and sustaining of the nutritional behaviors in dealing with menopause. The behavioral confidence, changes in physical environment, and participatory dialogue constructs played a significant role in predicting the initiation of behavior. The emotional transformation construct was also an important predictor in maintaining nutritional behaviors to deal with menopausal symptoms. So, future researchers are recommended to conduct MTM-based investigations according to the predictive constructs among menopausal women.


Menopausal adaptation; Multi-theory model; Nutritional behaviors; Menopause; Quality of life


Medicine and Health Sciences | Public Health | Women's Health



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