Predictors of Behaviour Change for Unhealthy Sleep Patterns Among Indian Dental Students

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International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health


Objective The present study aimed at determining predictors of sleep behaviour change among dental students using the multi-theory model (MTM) of health behaviour change in India. Methods This study was conducted among 535 students of a dental college in India. Predictors of sleep behaviour change were assessed using a validated 30-item questionnaire. Theoretical predictors of sleep behaviour were modelled using multiple linear regression. Results The response rate was 95.10%. A total of 449 of 535 students filled in the form, out of which 127 (28.30%) were inadequate sleepers. Inadequate sleep behaviour showed a strong preponderance within the male population (81.9%). The percentage of inadequate sleepers was highest in second year undergraduates and those obtaining between 60 and 69.9% marks in previous exams. For the initiation model, the standardised regression coefficients (β) for the three constructs - participatory dialogue, behavioural confidence and change in physical environment were 0.050 [p = 0.579, 95% (confidence interval)CI: -0.039 to 0.070], 0.213 (p = 0.019, 95% CI: 0.029-0.320) and 0.062 (p = 0.496, 95% CI: -0.073 to 0.149), respectively. For the sustenance model, β for emotional transformation, practice for change and changes in social environment was 0.192 (p = 0.047, 95% CI: 0.002-0.250), 0.175 (p = 0.091, 95% CI: -0.024 to 0.318) and 0.046 (p = 0.623, 95% CI: -0.094 to 0.157), respectively. Conclusion Improving behavioural confidence and bringing about emotional transformation were significant predictors for a reduction in inadequate sleep behaviour in dental students. Working on these predictors may improve sleep behaviours in dental students.


Behaviour; Behaviour change; Dental education; Sleep; Sleep behaviour


Dental Public Health and Education | Dentistry | Medicine and Health Sciences



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