This collection includes articles written by the faculty of the Department of Environmental & Occupational Health about environmental health risks including lead poisoning, invasive species, polychlorinated biphenyls (PBCs)


Submissions from 2019


The Environmental Impact and Formation of Meals from the Pilot Year of a Las Vegas Convention Food Rescue Program, Samantha To, Courtney Coughenour, and Jennifer Pharr

Prenatal and Childhood Exposure to Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances (Pfas) and Cognitive Development in Children at Age 8 Years, Ann M. Vuong, Kimberly Yolton, Changchun Xie, Kim N. Dietrich, Joseph M. Braun, Glenys M. Webster, Antonia M. Calafat, Bruce P. Lanphear, and Aimin Chen


Post-Overdose Interventions Triggered by Calling 911: Centering the Perspectives of People Who Use Drugs (PWUDs), Karla D. Wagner, Robert W. Harding, Richard Kelley, Brian Labus, Silvia R. Verdugo, Elizabeth Copulsky, Jeanette M. Bowles, Maria Luisa Mittal, and Peter J. Davidson


Trends and Disparities in Self-Reported and Measured Osteoporosis among US Adults, 2007-2014., Qing Wu, Yingke Xu, and Ge Lin

A Deep Learning Algorithm for Particle Segmentation of Aerosol Images, Ding Xiang, Di Cai, Xiangneng Hu, Hanbing Yao, Ting Liu, Lung-Wen Antony Chen, and Mi Zhang

PCR Monitoring of Parasitemia during Drug Treatment for Canine Chagas Disease, Chih-Ling Zao, Ya-Chin Yang, Lisa Tomanek, Anthony Cooke, Ron Berger, Lung-Chang Chien, and Roy Madigan


Two-Stage Bagging Pruning for Reducing the Ensemble Size and Improving the Classification Performance, Hua Zhang, Yujie Song, Bo Jiang, Bi Chen, and Guogen Shan

Multi-Wavelength Light Absorption of Black and Brown Carbon at a High-Altitude Site on the Southeastern Margin of the Tibetan Plateau, China, Zhuzi Zhao, Junji Cao, Judith C. Chow, John G. Watson, Antony L.W. Chen, Xiaoliang Wang, Qiyuan Wang, Jie Tian, Zhenxing Shen, Chongshu Zhu, Suixin Liu, Jun Tao, Zhaolian Ye, Ting Zhang, Jiamao Zhou, and Ruixia Tian

Submissions from 2018

Non-Motor Predictors of Freezing of Gait in Parkinson's Disease, Sarah J. Banks, Ece Bayram, Guogen Shan, Denise R. LaBelle, and Brent Bluett


Provider Perspectives on Demand Creation for Maternal Vaccines in Kenya, Irina Bergenfeld, Stacy W. Nganga, Courtni A. Andrews, Vincent L. Fenimore, Nancy A. Otieno, Sandra S. Chaves, Jennifer R. Verani, Marc-Alain Widdowson, Winnie N. Wairimu, Susan N. Wandera, Raphael O. Atito, Maxwell O. Adero, and Paula M. Frew

Barriers and Facilitators for Clinical Care Engagement Among HIV-Positive African American and Latino Men Who Have Sex with Men, James W. Carey, Neal Carnes, Alisú Schoua-Glusberg, Katherine Kenward, Deborah Gelaude, Damian Denson, Elizabeth Gall, Laura A. Randall, and Paula M. Frew

Disparity of Imputed Data from Small Area Estimate Approaches – A Case Study on Diabetes Prevalence at the County Level in the U.S., Lung-Chang Chien, Ge L. Kan, Xiao Li, and Xingyou Zhang

Measuring the Organic Carbon to Organic Matter Multiplier with Thermal/Optical Carbon-Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer Analyses, Judith C. Chow, Gustavo M. Riggio, Xiaoliang Wang, L.-W. Antony Chen, and John G. Watson


Separation of Brown Carbon from Black Carbon for IMPROVE and Chemical Speciation Network PM2.5 Samples, Judith C. Chow, John G. Watson, Mark C. Green, Xiaoliang Wang, and Lung-Wang Antony Chen

Biomarker and Clinical Trial Design Support for Disease-Modifying Therapies: Report of a Survey of the EU/US: Alzheimer's Disease Task Force, Jeffrey Cummings, Nick Fox, Bruno Vellas, Paul Aisen, and Guogen Shan

Gaps And Strategies In Developing Health Research Capacity: Experience From The Nigeria Implementation Science Alliance, E E. Ezeanolue, W NA Menson, D Patel, G Aarons, A Olutola, M Obiefune, P Dakum, P Okonkwo, B Gobir, T Akinmurele, A Nwandu, H Khamofu, B Oyeledun, M Aina, A Eyo, O Oleribe, I Ibanga, J Oko, C Anyaike, J Idoko, M H. Aliyu, and R Sturke

Traumatic Life Events And Development Of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Among Female Factory Workers In A Developing Country, T J. Fitch, X Yu, L C. Chien, M M. Karim, and H Alamgir

Development of a Measure to Assess Vaccine Confidence among Men Who Have Sex with Men, Paula M. Frew, Ian W. Holloway, Cameron Goldbeck, Diane Tan, Elizabeth Wu, Juan Jauregui, Vincent L. Fenimore, Laura A. Randall, Chelsea S. Lutz, Judith Mendel, Ann L. Aikin, Glen J. Nowak, and Robert A. Bednarczyk

Development of a US Trust Measure to Assess and Monitor Parental Confidence in the Vaccine System, Paula M. Frew, Raphiel Murden, C. Christina Mehta, Allison T. Chamberlain, Alan R. Hinman, Glen Nowak, Judith Mendel, Ann Aikin, Laura A. Randall, Allison L. Hargreaves, Saad B. Omer, Walter A. Orenstein, and Robert A. Bednarczyk

Clinician Perspectives on Strategies to Improve Patient Maternal Immunization Acceptability in Obstetrics and Gynecology Practice Settings, Paula M. Frew; Laura A, Randall; Fauzia Malik; Rupali J. Limaye; Andrew Wilson; Sean T. O'Leary; Daniel Salmon; Meghan Donnelly; Kevin Ault; Matthew Z. Dudley; Vincent L. Fenimore; and Saad B. Omer

Biomarkers of Cognitive Impairment: Brain Cortical Thickness, Volumetrics, and Cerebrospinal Fluid, Ladan Ghazi-Saidi, Ryan R. Walsh, Guogen Shan, and Sarah J. Banks


Factors Associated with Immunization Opinion Leadership among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Los Angeles, California, Ian W. Holloway, Robert Bednarczyk, Vincent L. Fenimore, Cameron Goldbeck, Elizabeth Wu, Rebecca Himmelstein, Diane Tan, Laura Randall, Chelsea S. Lutz, and Paula M. Frew

Quadrivalent Meningococcal Vaccine Uptake Among Men Who Have Sex With Men During a Meningococcal Outbreak in Los Angeles County, California, 2016-2017, Ian W. Holloway, Elizabeth S. C. Wu, Jennifer Gildner, Vincent L. Fenimore, Diane Tan, Laura Randall, and Paula M. Frew

Youth Swimming Ability in the United States and Associated Demographic Characteristics- 2010-2017, Carol C. Irwin, Jennifer Pharr, Richard L. Irwin, and Todd E. Layne

Disparities in Tobacco Use by Adolescents in Southeast, Nigeria Using Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS) Approach, Ijeoma U. Itanyi, Chika N. Onwasigwe, Scott McIntosh, Tamara Bruno, Deborah Ossip, Emmanuel A. Nwobi, Chima A. Onoka, and Echezona Ezeanolue

Acceptability of an Adapted HIV Prevention Intervention for Native American Adolescents, Crystal Lee, Melva Thompson-Robinson, and Carolee Dodge Francis

Nevada's Medicaid Expansion and Admissions for Ambulatory Care-Sensitive Conditions, Olena Mazurenko MD; PhD, Jay Shen PhD, Guogen Shan PhD, and Joseph Greenway MPH


Provider Insight on Surmounting Specialty Practice Challenges to Improve Tdap Immunization Rates among Pregnant Women, Arpita Mehrotra, Allison Kennedy Fisher, Jennifer Mullen, Leslie Rodriguez, Angela J. Jiles, Alison P. Albert, Laura A. Randall, and Paula M. Frew

HIV Risk Characteristics Associated with Violence Against Women: A Longitudinal Study Among Women in the United States, Brooke E. E. Montgomery, Paula M. Frew, James P. Hughes, Jing Wang, Adaora A. Adimora, Danielle F. Haley, Irene Kuo, Larissa Jennings, Nabila El-Bassel, and Sally L. Hodder

Challenges for the Clinician: Physical Activity Among Severe Asthmatic Patients with Comorbid Obesity, Sheniz Moonie and Mary Beth Hogan

Variation in airborne fungal spore concentrations among five monitoring locations in a desert urban environment, Tanviben Patel, Mark P. Buttner, D Rivas, Chad Cross, Dennis A. Bazylinski, and J Seggev


Variation in Airborne Pollen Concentrations among Five Monitoring Locations in a Desert Urban Environment, Tanviben Y. Patel, Mark P. Buttner, David Rivas, Chad L. Cross, Dennis A. Bazylinski, and Joram S. Seggev

An Assessment of the Relationship of Physical Activity, Obesity, and Chronic Diseases/Conditions between Active/Obese and Sedentary/Normal Weight American Women in a National Sample, Jennifer Pharr, Courtney Coughenour, and Timothy J. Bungum

Assessing the relationship of physical activity, obesity and chronic diseases/conditions between active/obese and sedentary/normal weight American women in a nation sample, Jennifer R. Pharr, Courtney A. Coughenour, and Timothy J. Bungum

Predictors of Swimming Ability among Children and Adolescents in the United States, Jennifer R. Pharr, C Irwin, T Layne, and R Irwin

Correction: Adolescent Coordinated Transition (act) To Improve Health Outcomes Among Young People Living With Hiv In Nigeria: Study Protocol For A Randomized Controlled Trial. [trials. 18, (2017) (595)] Doi: 10.1186/s13063-017-2347-z, N A. Sam-Agudu, J R. Pharr, T Bruno, C L. Cross, L J. Cornelius, P Okonkwo, B Oyeledun, H Khamofu, A Olutola, S Erekaha, W NA Menson, and E E. Ezeanolue

Accurate Unconditional P-values For A Two-arm Study With Binary Endpoints, G Shan, L Kang, M Xiao, H Zhang, and T Jiang


Jail, An Unappreciated Medical Home: Assessing the Feasibility of a Strengths-based Case Management Intervention to Improve the Care Retention of HIV-infected Persons Once Released from Jail, Anne C. Spaulding, Ana Drobeniuc, Paula M. Frew, Tiffany L. Lemon, Emeli J. Anderson, Colin Cerwonka, Chava Bowden, John Freshley, and Carlos del Rio

Burden And Management Of Noncommunicable Diseases After Earthquakes And Tsunamis, A Suneja, M Gakh, and L Rutkow

Association Between Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention During Routine Check-Ups and Alcohol Consumption among Adults Living in California, G. Kilian Wells, Sheniz Moonie, and Jennifer Pharr

The Effects of Peer Sexual Health Education on College Campuses: A Systematic Review, T Wong, Jennifer R. Pharr, Timothy J. Bungum, Courtney A. Coughenour, and Nancy Lough

Depression And Risk Of Fracture And Bone Loss: An Updated Meta-analysis Of Prospective Studies, Q Wu, B Liu, and S Tonmoy

Thiazide Diuretic Usage and Risk of Fracture: A Meta-Analysis of Cohort Studies, X. Xiao, Y. Xu, and Qing Wu

Submissions from 2017


Compact and Hilbert–Schmidt Differences of Weighted Composition Operators, S Acharyya and Z Wu

ReadyVax: A New Mobile Vaccine Information App, Robert A. Bednarczyk, Paula M. Frew, Daniel A. Salmon, Ellen Whitney, and Saad B. Omer


Retrospective case series analysis of characteristics and trends in unintentional pharmaceutical drug poisoning by methadone, opioid analgesics, antidepressants and benzodiazepines in Clark County, NV 2009-13, T Bruno and J R. Pharr

PM2.5 Source Apportionment Using a Hybrid Environmental Receptor Model, L W. Chen, X Wang, J C. Chow, J G. Watson, and J Cao


Physical Inactivity Displays a Mediator Role in the Association of Diabetes and Poverty: A Spatiotemporal Analysis, Lung-Chang Chien, Xiao Li, and Amanda Staudt


Increasing HIV testing among pregnant women in Nigeria: evaluating the traditional birth attendant and primary health center integration (TAP-In) model, A F. Chizoba, J R. Pharr, G Oodo, E Ezeobi, J Ilozumb, J Egharevba, E E. Ezeanolue, and A Nwandu

Influences on Immunization Decision-Making among US Parents of Young Children, Yunmi Chung, Jay Schamel, Allison Fisher, and Paula M. Frew


Are single entry communities and cul-de-sacs a barrier to active transport to school in 11 elementary schools in Las Vegas, NV metropolitan area?, C Coughenour, S Clark, A Singh, and J Huebner


Examining racial bias as a potential factor in pedestrian crashes, Courtney A. Coughenour, Sheila Clark, Ashok K. Singh, Eudora Claw, James Abelar, and Joshua Huebner

New Beginnings: Living with Diabetes Among an Urban American Indian Community, Carolee Dodge-Francis and Eudora Claw

Comparison of Clinical & Laboratory Standards Institute standards in antimicrobial susceptibility among the carbapenemase producing Enterobacteriaceae, Fidelis Enyinnaya, Patricia Cruz Perez, Mark P. Buttner, Chad Cross, and David R. Woodard

An mHealth Framework to Improve Birth Outcomes in Benue State, Nigeria: A Study Protocol., Echezona E. Ezeanolue, Semiu Olatunde Gbadamosi, John Olajide Olawepo, Juliet Iwelunmor, Daniel Sarpong, Chuka Eze, Amaka Ogidi, Dina Patel, and Chima Onoka

Challenges to the Elimination of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV Infection, Echezona Ezeanolue and Cynthia Schenauer

Insights into How HIAs are Characterized in the Press: Findings from a Media Analysis of Widely Circulated United States Newspapers, Maxim Gakh, Courtney Coughenour, Jennifer R. Pharr, Aaliyah Goodie, and Samantha To

Characteristics of Laws Requiring Physicians to Report Patient Information for Public Health Surveillance: Notable Patterns from a Nevada Case Study, Maxim Gakh, Brian Labus, and Brittany Walker


Timely reminder interventions to improve annual Papanicolaou (Pap) smear rates among HIV-infected women in an outpatient center of southern Nevada: a short report, V Ganta, S Moonie, D Patel, A T. Hunt, J Richardson, D Di John, and E E. Ezeanolue


Extracting recent weighted-based patterns from uncertain temporal databases, W Gan, J C.W Lin, P Fournier Viger, H C. Chao, J M.T. Wu, and J Zhan


Review of Education-Focused Health Impact Assessments Conducted in the United States, L N. Gase, A R. DeFosset, M Gakh, C Harris, S R. Weisman, and A L. Dannenberg


Determining Childhood Blood Lead Level Screening Compliance Among Physicians, A Haboush Deloye, E R. Marquez, and S L. Gerstenberger

Male Partner Involvement on Initiation and Sustainment of Exclusive Breastfeeding among HIV-Infected Post-Partum Women: Study Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial, Dorothy Ihekuna, Neal Rosenburg, William N. A. Menson, Semiu Olatunde Gbadamosi, John O. Olawepo, Adaeze Chike-Okoli, Chad Cross, Chima Onoka, and Echezona Ezeanolue


Interventions to Reduce Loss to Follow-up During All Stages of the HIV Care Continuum in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic Review, J Keane, J R. Pharr, M P. Buttner, and E E. Ezeanolue

Evaluation of Two Vaccine Education Interventions to Improve Pertussis Vaccination among Pregnant African American Women: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Jennifer L. Kriss, Paula M. Frew, Marielysse Cortes, Fauzia A. Malik, Allison T. Chamberlain, Katherine Seib, Lisa Flowers, Kevin A. Ault, Penelope P. Howards, Walter A. Orenstein, and Saad B. Omer


Efficient Mining of Multiple Fuzzy Frequent Itemsets, J C.W. Lin, T Li, P Fournier Viger, T P. Hong, J M.T Wu, and J Zhan


Effective interventions to improve young adults’ linkage to HIV care in Sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review, B O. Mavegam, J R. Pharr, P Cruz, and E E. Ezeanolue


Sleep duration associated with cardiovascular conditions among adult Nevadans, B L. Pergola, S Moonie, J Pharr, T Bungum, and J L. Anderson

The Relationship between Sport Participation and Chronic Diseases among Men in the USA: An Examination of the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System., Jennifer Pharr and Nancy L. Lough

The Role of HIV/AIDS Knowledge in Risky Sexual Behaviors of Adolescents in Nigeria, Jennifer R. Pharr, V Enejoh, Bertille Mavegam, Ayodotun Olutola, Haruna Karick, and Echezona Ezeanolue


Health impact assessment as an instrument to examine the health implications of education policies, J Pharr, M Gakh, C Coughenour, and S Clark


A cross-sectional study of the role of HIV/AIDS knowledge in risky sexual behaviors of adolescents in Nigeria, J R. Pharr, V Enejoh, B O. Mavegam, A Olutola, H Karick, and E E. Ezeanolue

The Safety, Immunogenicity, and Acceptability of Inactivated Influenza Vaccine Delivered by Microneedle Patch (TIV-MNP 2015): A Randomised, Partly Blinded, Placebo-controlled, Phase 1 Trial, Nadine G. Rouphael, Michele Paine, Regina Mosley, Sebastien Henry, Devin V. McAllister, Haripriya Kalluri, Winston Pewin, Paula M. Frew, Tianwei Yu, Natalie J. Thornburg, Sarah Kabbani, Lilin Lai, Elena V/ Vassilieva, Ioanna Skountzou, Richard W. Compans, Mark J. Mulligan, and Mark R. Prausnitz


Adolescent Coordinated Transition (ACT) to improve health outcomes among young people living with HIV in Nigeria: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial, N A. Sam Agudu, J R. Pharr, T Bruno, C L. Cross, L J. Cornelius, P Okonkwo, B Oyeledun, H Khamofu, A Olutola, S Erekaha, W N.A. Menson, and E E. Ezeanolue


A better confidence interval for the sensitivity at a fixed level of specificity for diagnostic tests with continuous endpoints, G Shan


Comments on ‘Two-sample binary phase 2 trials with low type I error and low sample size’, G Shan


Optimal inference for Simon's two-stage design with over or under enrollment at the second stage, G Shan and J J. Chen


Fisher’s exact approach for post hoc analysis of a chi-squared test, G Shan and S Gerstenberger

Sample size determination for a matched-pairs study with incomplete data using exact approach., Guogen Shan, Charles Bernick, and Sarah Banks


Exact one-sided confidence limits for Cohen's kappa as a measurement of agreement, G Shan and W Wang


Exact unconditional sample size determination for paired binary data (letter commenting: J Clin Epidemiol. 2015;68:733-739), G Shan and H Zhang


Efficient confidence limits for adaptive one-arm two-stage clinical trials with binary endpoints, G Shan, H Zhang, and T Jiang


The Role of Functional, Social, and Mobility Dynamics in Facilitating Older African Americans Participation in Clinical Research, Eve T. Shapiro, Jay T. Schamel, Kimberly A. Parker, Laura A. Randall, and Paula M. Frew


Different Dimensions: Internalized Homonegativity Among African American Men Who Have Sex With Men in the Deep South, S W. Smallwood, S M. Spencer, L A. Ingram, J F. Thrasher, and M V. Thompson-Robinson


Health Hazards in the Home: An Assessment of a Southern Nevada Community, A Sokolowsky, E Marquez, E Sheehy, Casey Barber, and Shawn Gerstenberger

PMEH Recommendations for Accra, Ghana, John G. Watson, Judith C. Chow, Richard J. Tropp, and Lung-Wen Antony Chen

PMEH Recommendations for Lagos, Nigeria, John G. Watson, Judith C. Chow, Richard J. Tropp, and Lung-Wen Antony Chen

PMEH Recommendations for the Greater Cairo Region, Egypt, John G. Watson, Judith C. Chow, Richard J. Tropp, and Lung-Wen Antony Chen

PMEH Recommendations for the Greater Johannesburg Area, Republic of South Africa, John G. Watson, Judith C. Chow, Richard J. Tropp, and Lung-Wen Antony Chen

PMEH Recommendations for the Hanoi Capital Region, Vietnam, John G. Watson, Judith C. Chow, Richard J. Tropp, and Lung-Wen Antony Chen

PMEH Recommendations for the JingJinJi Region of China: Emphasis on Hebei Province, John G. Watson, Judith C. Chow, Richard J. Tropp, and Lung-Wen Antony Chen

PMEH Recommendations for the National Capital Region of India, John G. Watson, Judith C. Chow, Richard J. Tropp, and Lung-Wen Antony Chen


A modified Friedman test for randomized complete block designs, J Xu, G Shan, A Amei, J Zhao, D Young, and S Clark

Emissions and Partitioning of Intermediate-Volatility and Semi-Volatile Polar Organic Compounds (I/SV-POCs) During Laboratory Combustion of Boreal and Sub-Tropical Peat, Reddy L. Yatavelli, L.-W. Antony Chen, Joseph Knue, Vera Samburova, Madhu Gyawali, Adam C. Watts, Rajan K. Chakrabarty, Hans Moosmüller, Alma Hodzic, Xiaoliang Wang, Barbara Zielinska, Judith C. Chow, and John G. Watson


Gaussian network model can be enhanced by combining solvent accessibility in proteins, H Zhang, T Jiang, G Shan, S Xu, and Y Song

Asymptotic properties of spatial scan statistics under the alternative hypotheses, Tonglin Zhang and Ge Lin

Submissions from 2016


Concept mapping of PMTCT implementation challenges and solutions across 6 sub-Saharan African countries in the NIH-PEPFAR PMTCT implementation science alliance, G A. Aarons, D H. Sommerfeld, B H. Chi, Echezona Ezeanolue, R Sturke, L Guay, and G K. Siberry

Deploying nEmesis: Preventing Foodborne Illness by Data Mining Social Media, Sadilek Adam, Henry Kautz, Lauren DiPrete, Brian Labus, Eric Portman, Jack Teitel, and Vincent Silenzio


Reliability of Robotic Telemedicine for Assessing Critically Ill Patients with the Full Outline of Unresponsiveness Score and Glasgow Coma Scale, Amelia K. Adcock, Heidi Kosiorek, Prachi Parich, Alyssa Chauncey, Qing Wu, and Bart M. Demaerschalk


Gestational Age and the Risk of Maternal Breast Cancer: A Population-Based Case–Control Study, Arash Ardalan and Tim Bungum