This collection includes articles written by the faculty of the Department of Environmental & Occupational Health about environmental health risks including lead poisoning, invasive species, polychlorinated biphenyls (PBCs)


Submissions from 2001

Folate status in women of childbearing age residing in Southern California after folic acid fortification., Marie A. Caudill, Thia Le, Sheniz Moonie, Setareh Torabian Esfahani, and Edward A. Cogger

Detection and Quantitation of Aspergillus fumigatus in Pure Culture Using Polymerase Chain Reaction, Patricia Cruz-Perez, Mark P. Buttner, and Linda Stetzenbach

Specific Detection of Stachybotrys Chartarum in Pure Culture Using Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction, Patricia Cruz-Perez, Mark P. Buttner, and Linda Stetzenbach

Developmental Landmarks in Offspring of Rats Exposed Singly, and in Combination to Aroclor 1016 and Levo-Thyroxine, Shawn Gerstenberger and Vicki Tripoli

Submissions from 2000

Correlates of physical activity in male and female youth, Timothy J. Bungum, Marsha Dowda, Anne T. Weston, Stewart G. Trost, and Russel R. Pate

Differences in self-reported rationale for increases in physical activity by ethnicity and gender, Timothy J. Bungum and James R. Morrow Jr.

Exercise During Pregnancy and Type of Delivery in Nulliparae, Timothy J. Bungum, Dian L. Peaslee, Allen W. Jackson, and Miguel A. Perez

Concentrations and Frequencies of Polychlorinated Biphenyl Congeners in a Native American Population who Consumes Great Lakes Fish, Shawn Gerstenberger, John A. Dellinger, and Larry G. Hansen

Minimal Endocrine Alterations in Rodents after Consumption of Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush), Shawn Gerstenberger, I. Heimlerr, R. Smies, Reinhold J. Hutz, A. K. Dasmahapatra, Vicki Tripoli, and John A. Dellinger

Submissions from 1999

Correlates of physical activity among African-American and Caucasian Female Adolescents, Timothy J. Bungum, Russel R. Pate, Marsha Dowda, and Murray Vincent

Dispersal of Fungal Spores from Three Types of Air Handling System Duct Material, Mark P. Buttner, Patrica Cruz-Perez, Paula Garrett, and Linda Stetzenbach

Submissions from 1998

One-mile run performance and body mass index in Asian and Pacific Islander Youth: Passing Rates for the FITNESSGRAM, Timothy J. Bungum, Allen W. Jackson, and Karen H. Weiller

Submissions from 1997

Determinants of physical activity among adolescent females, Timothy J. Bungum and Murray Vincent

Polychlorinated Biphenyl Congeners and Selected Organochlorines in Great Lakes Region Fish: Lake Superior, Shawn Gerstenberger, Mike P. Gallinat, and John A. Dellinger

Concentrations of Blood and Hair Mercury and Serum PCBs in an Ojibwa Population that Consumes Fish, Shawn Gerstenberger, Dale R. Tavris, Lori K. Hansen, Judy Pratt-Shelley, and John A. Dellinger

Factors affecting exercise adherence at a worksite wellness program, Katherine C. Orsak, Chwee L. Chng, and Timothy J. Bungum

Submissions from 1995


PCR for Bioaerosol Monitoring: Sensitivity and Environmental Interference, AJ Alvarez, Mark P. Buttner, and Linda Stetzenbach

Mercury Contamination of Fish in the Ojibwa Diet: I. Walleye Fillets and Skin-On Versus Skin-Off Sampling, John A. Dellinger, N. Kmiecik, Shawn Gerstenberger, and H. Ngu

Submissions from 1905


Cancer Facts and Figures for Hispanics/Latinos 2015-2017, American Cancer Society, Ermilo Barrera, Tracie Bertaut, Stacey Fedewa, Trista Hargrove, Melissa Maitin-Shepard, Catherine McMahon, Anthony Piercy, Paulo M. Pinheiro, Ann Goding Sauer, Scott Simpson, Termika Smith, Lindsey Torre, Ed Trapido, Dinorah Martinez Tyson, and Dana Wagner