Feature Coverage Indexes for Dual Homography Estimation in Constructing Panorama Image

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Enlarged images can be obtained by various methods. Stitching is one of the efficient methods. It can produce panoramic images by stitching adjacent images which contain overlapping regions even though they are obtained through separate image sensors. Images that contain multiple different planes are hard to be stitched together because each plane has a different homography matrix for perspective warping. For this, a dual homography was proposed. However its performance varies depending on feature detectors which are used to find matching feature points between images. In this paper, we propose three feature coverage indexes which evaluate the stitching performance of feature detectors and predict the outcomes of the stitching. We evaluate four well-known feature detectors by the proposed indexes by applying them to the image stitching process and show that the prediction by the index values coincides with the stitching results. © 2016 Kyungkoo Jun and Sijung Kim.

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