Intermodal bus and bike transportation in Southern​ Nevada

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Mineta National Transit Research Consortium


Active transportation, such as walking and bicycling, have numerous environmental, health, and economic benefits. Currently, many efforts are underway to increase the rate of active transportation and decrease the rate of travel by private vehicles. The purpose of this study was to understand perceptions and likelihood of using various types of bicycle infrastructure by Las Vegas Metropolitan Area (LMVA) residents. A survey tool was developed to collect data regarding demographics, travel characteristics, safety perceptions of the current bicycling infrastructure, general safety concerns related to bicycling, and the likelihood that residents would use any of eight bicycle infrastructure alternatives. Additionally, stakeholder interviews were conducted with a small number of residents who reported bicycling as their primary mode of transportation. Study findings suggest that LVMA residents perceive many barriers to bicycling related to safety and infrastructure type. If the goal is to increase the rate of bicycling for transportation, then both the actual and perceived barriers need to be adequately addressed. The authors suggest recommendations to increase the number of LVMA residents who bicycle for transportation.