Optimization of Project Scheduling Crashing

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Construction Research Congress 2016



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In construction projects, problems regarding time overruns could be tackled by means of schedule crashing; however, this could be a very lengthy process if done manually. Normally, schedule crashing leads to cost overruns, so should be done in such a way that its negative effects are minimal on the cost of the project. This study developed a tool that applies an optimization technique to determine the best solution for schedule crashing problems. This tool requires a complete activity network as input, and calculates the best optimal solution for project schedule crashing. Several factors were considered while computing the optimized schedule, such as the overhead cost required to run the construction project, rewards in case of early completion, and penalties for late completion. Effective implementation of this tool could help to save time otherwise spent on calculating optimal solutions by using iterative methods. This tool offers flexibility in controlling the total project duration by a reasonable amount, thus reducing the negative effects of the change orders associated with time extensions.