Contributing Factors to the Punch-List Problem: A Case Study from a High-Rise Tower Project in Southern Nevada.

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Construction Research Congress 2018

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This study covers one of the most important aspects of the project closeout period, “the punch-list,” particularly, influential factors that contribute to the punch-list problem. In a high-rise tower project in Las Vegas, Nevada, the punch-list period was delayed by about 6 months. The highly experienced project participants—the general contractor, subcontractor, architect, and owner’s representatives—of this project were in consensus with the researcher that punch-lists are challenging and problematic in any project closeout. Telephone interviews and questionnaire survey with the participants of this project were conducted to identify the major factors having an effect on the punch-list. Based on the initial interviews, questionnaires were prepared and distributed to the other project participants. Results indicated the majority of the respondents agreed that the punch-list problem is a recurring problem. The study also showed that “Multiple punch-lists” was a greatest contributing factor for punch-list delay, and “lack of an official sign-off document” was the most challenging issue of the punch-list period. Results from this study could contribute significantly to owners, contractors, and subcontractors understanding punch-list issues more completely and how to counter problems associated with it.


Punch list, project closeout, building projects, southern Nevada



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