TPF-5(238) Design and Fabrication Standards to Eliminate Fracture Critical Concerns in Two-Girder Bridge Systems – Phase 2: Experimental Testing

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The National Academies of Sciences Engineering Medicine


The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) currently has the authority to allow owners to forego fracture critical inspection for low redundancy bridge structures on a case by case basis, but this has rarely been done since no guidance is available for ensuring bridge safety. This project will establish guidance that provides a high level of bridge safety that can then form the basis for in-service inspection decisions. When considering the estimated projects costs, it must be recognized that the results of this research will be transformative for the steel bridge industry. For the first time, material selection, design, and inspection will be rationally integrated to eliminate fracture concerns. This can result in significant cost savings for medium and long span bridges and facilitate introduction of modular concepts for short span bridges.